Navient Defense – “It Never Happened”

I had to laugh at the case filed by Simon Singh against Navient Solutions.

Singh alleges Navient was calling him frequently in an attempt to collect on a debt. He says he was receiving multiple calls during a day and even though he told the Navient Collector he was the wrong person and did not owe Navient money, they continued to call. The complaint says, “Rather than stopping calls as requested by Plaintiff, Defendant has continued to place calls to Plaintiff.”

The lawsuit alleges the continued calls were “for the purposing of harassing” Mr. Singh.

The complaint expresses Singh’s frustration with the incident when it says, “Plaintiff believes an automatic telephone dialing system was used to contact him because when Plaintiff would answer Defendant’s collection calls, Plaintiff was never able to speak with a live representative after he would answer the telephone. Plaintiff would answer the telephone and state a greeting but would not receive a response from Defendant. After several seconds of waiting for Defendant to state a response Plaintiff would disconnect the telephone call.” – Source

Navient Responds to the Lawsuit

The Navient response to the lawsuit says Navient “denies each and every allegation contained in the Complaint and each and every part thereof.” – Source

It never happened, I guess.

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