I’m Never Moving Back to the UK. Do I Have to Worry About My Debt?


Dear Jon,

Moved to the United States 8 years ago…been paying off debt …Have approx. 6k in UK credit card debt remaining
Never will be returning to UK so what are my best options to clear debt?

Can I file for a DRO or other option?




How have you been paying the credit card debt back here in the UK, through a debt management plan, or some other arrangement, either through yourself or the credit card companies?

Can you continue the arrangement?

How much debt did you start with?

Unfortunately, any window of opportunity time-wise to make use of a DRO has passed if you have been outside the UK as long as you state.

With this being said/written, you do have some options.

You could inquire with your creditors about settlement offers on the accounts. Settling the accounts for less than what is owed.

While an option, you would need access to the funds to do this, as if a settlement is accepted, the creditor usually wants the payment in one lump sum, or possibly 2 or 3 large payments.

Your other option is to do nothing. If you are struggling to pay the accounts, and it is too much for you, you can advise your creditors and stop all payments.

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As to what they may do regarding this is difficult to say.

They may do nothing and write the accounts off. They may try to collect them, but they have no authority in the US, or they may sell the accounts to a debt collection agency in the US. At that time you could try and address the debts then.

If your creditors have no contact with you for a period of 6 years, the accounts would then be statute barred and no longer owed.

You may wish to speak to them and advise them of your situation. In some instances, I have known some banks to simply write the account off as they can see there is no chance or hope to collect it.

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