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Is Helbing Law Group a Complete Scam?

Written by Steve Rhode

Update: October 15, 2019

I received an email from an attorney saying the represent Helbing Law Group. The email requested I remove “the link” which I assume to mean the attorney wants the post removed. While the attorney said, “I also would like to request that you please not try to address this matter with an update,” this is a good learning opportunity for both debt relief companies and consumers.

It is my opinion that Helbing Law Group just missed an incredible opportunity to show people some amazing customer support and win over new fans. From people who commented on this post, it is clear some have opinions about the company.

A much better way to turn a poor opinion into a positive is by welcoming the feedback and showing that you care about repairing the situation.

I wrote a helpful guide for debt relief companies to better deal with such issues, How to Handle a Consumer Complaint Like a Pro And Come Out Smelling Like a Rose.

It’s my point of view that a company can win over many new customers by demonstrating they care and want to address issues.

Helbing Law Group could have responded to comments demonstrating they care about the opinions of people and demonstrating a desire to resolve any complaints people may have. They could have submitted an update, which I would have added at the top of the post so readers could hear from them first. But instead, it looks like the response to this article was a “courtesy request to remove content” and delete the opinions of readers in the question and comments.

As always, I stand ready to post any update so Helbing Law Group can be heard and I’m ready to correct anything in my response that was incorrect.

In fact, I think readers will find that my response was factual and did not make any claims the company is a “complete scam” as the reader asked.

By the way, I had received another reader question about Helbing Law Group which I had not answered since the question below seemed to deal with a similar concern and my answer for the reader to do their own research rather than rely on the opinion of another is good advice.


Original Post Below – June 5, 2019


Dear Steve,

Questioning a company as to being legit?

Do you have any knowledge of Helbing Law Group LLC as to whether they are a legit company with good honest practices or are they a complete scam of a company?



Dear Paul,

These kinds of questions are nearly impossible. Since I have no idea what you may consider a scam or legit, there is no way I can answer your question.

I’ve written these free guides to help people research companies and come to their own conclusion.

  1. The Ultimate Consumer Guide to Checking Out a Debt Relief Company Before You Sign On the Line
  2. 10 Must Do Steps to Find the Best Credit Counseling or Debt Settlement Company for You
  3. How to Check Out a Business or Company to Avoid Getting Scammed or Ripped Off

Here Are Some Observations

Using the guides above I took a quick look and here are some of the things I found in a couple of minutes.

The website was created on 8-29-2017 according to The site also does not appear to say what the physical address of the firm is.

Keep in mind if you are hiring an attorney to assist you then the attorney must be licensed to practice law in the state you live in. I can’t easily tell what state this company is registered to do business in or who the attorneys are behind the company if any. That would be a great question to ask your contact there.

It seems a bit odd since the failure to provide information on the attorney or disclaimers about attorney advertising would not meet the requirements of some state bar associations.

The news page on the website looks like the last news posted was 8-3-2017. Seems like the site has been left unattended.

I did discover the telephone number used on the website, 800-413-5011, is also used or was used by a company named Consumer Law Relief. – Source

The BBB says the owner of Consumer Law Relief is an Erik Helbing and this website, Compas Role Legal Group says an Erik Helbing “is the founding principal of Helbing Law Group, LLC, a practice specializing exclusively in consumer rights, which includes foreclosure defense, credit collection defense, and bankruptcy.” – Source

I don’t know what all these individual facts will mean to you but at least it’s a start in your research. Post a comment below and let me know what conclusion you reach.

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Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • I been with Helbing Law group for 11 mos. Paying 378.54 a mo. Paid one of our creders of, but i have two American Exp. And I’m got papers the other day saying im being sued.Dont under stand.i need help,real help.And they havnt dine anything with other creders, what can i di to fix this.

  • Hi,
    I retained a Debt Settlement Law Group three months ago and cancelled my retainer agreement today. They did not want to refund me my first two payments in the amount of $686.22 because my retainer agreement states that the first two payments are 100% for attorney’s fees. But I was not aware that FTC has a rule that does not allow debt settlement companies to advance attorney’s fees if they haven’t reached a settlement. Which is the frustrating part, because they hadn’t even sent any power of attorneys to my creditors which is why they were harassing me for three months straight. They stated that those are the fees for finding an attorney that can represent me in my state, which is California. This law group is called Helbing Law Group and when they e-mail me their signature block shows an address 12333 Sowden Rd., Ste. B, 79507, Houston, TX 77080, and when I look them up through the Texas Corporation Search, the business shows as forfeited. Unfortunately, I did sign the retainer agreement without reading over everything and it was my mistake to assume that the paralegal going over the contract with me would mention all the critical parts of the agreement, but is there a way I can go around the retainer agreement and get my money back? I just don’t want to go through all of this process if I don’t have a right to request a refund on the attorney’s fees because I signed the agreement with them.

    • I think you have at least three issues here. The first is the observation the company may not be registered to do business at the time you entered the agreement. Second is a customer service issue and I’m always a big fan of coming to a mutually satisfactory resolution so the consumer is happy and does not have to escalate the issue further. Finally, there is one perceived exception to the advance fee ban when the consumer has a face-to-face meeting when signing the client agreement.

      Two of these issues are technical in nature and require further investigation. I do publish this guide to help people resolve these issues that might be helpful.

  • what do you do if you gave your information to them? call your bank? or an attorney or the credit bureau?

    • After recent communications with an attorney representing Helbing Law Group and this post, I am personally frustrated they seem to be less intered in coming in here and addressing the concerns of people and more interested, it seems, in having me remove this post entirely. Their lack of participation is, in my opinion, a missed opportunity for them to show they care about what people have to say.

      Regardless, I don’t think now is the time to panic unless you have some issue you have tried to resolve with them and they have been unresponsive or the answer was unsatisfactory.

      Is there something specific that is concerning you at the moment?

  • September 10 2019

    We joined Helbing Law Group to reduce our credit card debt by 60 percent. Recently I have become suspicious of the service they say they are doing for us. When I inquired how and who do they have representing us and negotiating with owe creditors. I can’t get a straight truthful answers as to the status of the accounts we turned over to Helbing Law Group.
    I need to know if there is any way we can get out of this contract? We began this contract March 27 2019.
    Sincerely Yours
    Annie and Percy Hayes

    • This company did the same thing to me, taking all my money for 8months without doing a single thing. When ever I call to Inquire about what is going on I keep getting the same response that an attorney is working on it, when I asked to know about the attorney handling my case the never provide me with the answer. This is a big SCAM guys.

  • So is the Helbing Law Group a scam or legit? I am referring to the one from this address: Erik Helbing 12333 Sowden Rd, Ste. B, #79507
    Houston, TX 77080-2059

  • I did a 1-year payoff program. Out of roughly $20,000 and 5 accounts, only one has been settled after 11 months. They never give you any straight answers and make no effort to give you updates at all. Something is very wrong with this company and they are not be honest about their legitimacy… don’t fall for the same mistake that I did.

        • I would not use the Helbing Law Group. I would suggest using a credit counselling organization, make sure it say “Non profit” Instead of paying 25% or more going to the Debt Relief company, most of your money goes to your debt at a very low interest rate. They do not charge you to participate in the program. The one I am in just charges a one enrollment fee of $60.00. Good Luck!!

  • I wonder if it is a scam and they are using the name Erik Helding as in the real Erik Helding the Financial Officer- net worth 2.82 million dollars. However, this Erik is in the insurance business.
    I called the number for Debt Trends and spoke with an Amanda L. who said that if my cc debt is 60,000, I would only pay 39,000 at 600+ monthly payments for 5 years. I gave her my ss# and dob with which she promised a soft hit. She quickly emailed me a report with all of my credit card accounts. Stated that I should pick the accounts that I want to keep open and check the ones I want to add to their program.
    I looked at the email and the name Amanda Lacosta @ some kind of lawyer referral is all that is in the email.

    DISPLAY only first name on everything please.

  • Yes this is a scam they sent me a notice in the mail so I thought was legit signed a contract but haven’t taken any money but have all my information Dan Lancaster is the guy that was my rep he’s in Boca Raton Fl
    After spending many hrs on internet looking up phone# and addresses I come up empty I just called Dan back put me through the law law firm talked to a Dave and cancelled my contract he said no problem I just tried calling back and get busy signal

  • I entered a contract with Helbring Law Group, but every time I talk to someone, about something, I’m talking to someone in Florida. When I finally got a chance to take to one of the so called Lawyers. I asked about how his firm could represent me in Indiana from Texas?He gave me some song and dance about how he was licensed to represent in a lot of states. the flags should have been flying at that point. well they shut down my credit reporting accounts. nage me for my copies of credit card statements (3) accounts which I e-mailed twice to them and mailed physically too thier Texas Law Office address. So if they haven gotten it by now they are not working out of that office in Texas. But working out of a call house in Florida in I believe in Orlando. Because when I talked to the Lawyer there was the sound of a call house in the background.

      • Hey Steve, it’s funny your selling your own debt relief plan on this site. My personal opinion is your a jerkoff.

          • Steve your a scumbag!!!!! you trying to sell debt settlement by bashing another law group. I personally have dealt with the Helbing Law group and they have settled accounts for me. Get you facts right before you accuse a actual good companies that is doing work. You can get back to me at my email that I will leave. Which I know you wont. For anyone who really needs the help and wants a reference please email me.

          • People are more than welcome to leave a comment to respond to you and ask about your experience with them.

            What I did was answer a question from a reader. Is there anything in my answer that is not factual? Please let me know so I can fix it.

            You say, “Get you facts right before you accuse a actual good companies” but what did I “accuse” them of in my response to the reader?

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