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It is True Navient Will Actually Negotiate a $50 Monthly Payment if You Know Who to Ask

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

I have private student loans through Navient. They were not willing to negotiate or work with me to arrange a payment that I could afford, so I stopped paying altogether. They sued, my case was dismissed…twice. Both dismissals were “without prejudice”.

First, I had heard that it was entirely possible that this case might not be brought up again. Is that true?

Second, how do I get those accounts to stop reporting on my credit report? How do I get the past reports cleared up?



Dear Valerie,

Navient, like most large financial corporations, is a complicated organization. While one person told you they will not negotiate affordable payments, they actually will.

Navient will absolutely negotiate a payment plan if you know the right department and people to ask. Payments can be as low as $50 a month with a future settlement on payment terms as well.

As far as I know, they can sue you as many times as they want when a case is dismissed without prejudice.

The credit report should be the least of your concerns here. Just because it is not reported does not mean it is not owed and will not appear. Your credit report should contain a true and accurate reporting of information, good and bad.

From what you are saying the reporting of the defaulted account is not inaccurate and neither is the possible reporting of the suits filed against you in the legal section of your report.

You could try to keep your head in the sand and try to outrun the Statute of Limitations (SOL) in your state. It’s a strategy you may hear about. But what most people fail to tell you is you can still be sued for a debt that is past the SOL in your state. You’d have to raise the SOL issue in your defense.

And before you could even begin to rely on a SOL strategy you should meet with an attorney who is licensed in your state to fully understand if the clock on your debt has been rest or is still running and for how many years you’d have to avoid the debt. It can be up to 20 in some states.

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But it may not be too late to work out an affordable payment and solution if the account is still with Navient. I would suggest you contact my debt coach friend Damon Day and schedule a consultation. He can fill you in with what Navient reality is and describe real experiences in working cooperatively with Navient to resolve these issues in a mutually agreeable way.

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