See if You Can Get Out of Debt Without Bankruptcy – Junk Mail

A reader sent me a junk mail they received as part of my I Buy Junk Mail program.

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This email junk mail says it comes from a company named Percipio Holdings at 625 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA. That is an address for a shared coworking space.

The email makes the claim to get out of debt without bankruptcy but that can be a problematic slope. Bankruptcy is frequently the best way out of debt.

Fear selling is a good way to get you to avoid a solution based on emotion and not facts.

Most notably the junk mailer does not identify who the debt relief company is. The BBB listing for Percipio Holdings says they are “a group of life-path websites helping members improve their careers, skills, and education.” And apparently selling some non-bankruptcy debt relief service as well.

The consumer reviews on the BBB site are brutal. – Source

My opinion after looking at this email is to trash it but feel free to investigate the company for yourself.

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