A Deep Dive Into the Xact Loan Mailer. Scam or Blessing?

A wonderful reader sent in this mailer from Xact which is a great example of the type of advertising that always makes me want to know more. I admit the mailer is a bit blurry but the mailer alone was enough to start me digging. There were a few key phrases that made me want … Read more

Shame On You Titan Consulting Group

An awesome reader sent me a completely distasteful mailer at this time of people waiting for their federal government stimulus checks to help them deal with the coronavirus pandemic. In the mailbox dropped this official-looking envelope from the Revenue Distribution Department. This mailer was sent to me through my I Buy Junk Mail program. If … Read more

Punch Associates Debt Consolidation Loan Mailer Raises Questions for Me

A reader sent in a mailer they received from a company named Punch Associates that says they are located in Lafayette Colorado. – Source While there are some legitimate questions to ask if this mailer might instead lead to a consumer being offered a debt settlement program instead of a loan, issues arise. We will … Read more

How to Read Your Personify Financial Loan Mailer

A wonderful reader received a mailer from Personify and sent it in for review. The mailer is a great educational opportunity to help you be a wiser consumer to understand the statements made. The most common statement people seem to not understand well is “pre-qualified.” An average person may assume that if you are pre-qualified … Read more

Ballast Associates Loan Mailer – I Call BS

A reader sent me a mailer for a company called Ballast Associates who is offering a debt consolidation loan. Their website, ballastassociates.com, was registered just 90 days ago at the time of this posting. My, I Buy Junk Mail program turns up some interesting marketing information people are getting. According to the mailer and their … Read more

Lifebridge Servicing Mailer Received by Consumer Gets Really Odd Very Fast

A fantastic reader sent in a mailer they received advertising a loan. The mailer from Lightbridge Servicing came from postal permit 1935 and appears to not provide any identification on the outside of the envelope. After looking at the mailer and comparing what the BBB has to say about the company, I’m confused. The mailer … Read more

Debthunch Mailer Review Discovers It’s Not What You Think It Is

A reader sent in a mailer they received from a company named Debthunch. It is always a good idea to check out any company that you are not familiar with to make sure you know who you might be giving over personal information to if you contact them about the advertising offer. The reader received … Read more

What is Reality – Which Debt Relief Mailer is the Real One?

I have the most amazing readers. One just sent in a bunch of junk mail that littered their mailbox. A couple of the mailers caught my eye. I recently wrote about a Barron Advisors mailer. I said the mailer was suspicious in my opinion. Here is what it looked like. So when the mailers for … Read more

Mortgage Assistance Programs Mailer – Watch Out

It is amazing to watch the same old sales pitches for debt relief come back around and claim to be new. A wonderful reader sent in this mailer for the New 2019 Mortgage Assistance Programs. This mailer was sent to me through my I Buy Junk Mail program. If you have junk mail you’d like … Read more