Do I Still Need to Pay Tuition if I Was Suspended From School?


Dear Steve,

I was suspended from school but still need to pay tuition.

Spring 2019 was my set date to graduate, unfortunately, in Fall of 2018 I left on a study abroad trip with my class and was involved in something something along the lines as I was at the wrong place at the wrong time!

I did not hear anything back that Semester (2018), so I registered for my last class to graduate in Spring 2019. I received my first notice of hearing January 29, 2019. The hearing was scheduled for Tuesday, February 5, 2019. I attended and received a letter on February 6, 2019 dated February 5, 2019 (same day as my hearing) that I had been suspended and will be able to return Spring 2020.

When I first received the first letter in January I asked the OCSC (Office Community Standards) if I needed to drop my class and they said no, because I might not get suspended, I myself had hopes too. Then came February 5, hearing, February 6th suspended. I asked again, do I need to drop my class now that I am suspended, they said no we will take care of everything.

Now I get a call stating that I need to pay for the class! I asked why and they stated that the last day to drop with a W was January 30, 2019. Now my question is, do I have to pay?

It doesn’t seem fair that they would be so sneaky and send me the notice of hearing a day before the official drop date! What can I do? Please help.
I will be enrolling for Spring semester 2020 but will not be able too unless I pay. : ( Thank you.



Dear Jane,

Schools have official drop policies and it sounds like the school also said they would take care of it and didn’t.

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You asked if you have to pay, the answer is yes you do unless the department or person who told you they would take care of this, does.

If you look at the school official drop policy I would be shocked if it says it doesn’t apply if you are pending a hearing or suspension, but it’s worth looking up.

Ultimately, this issue can only be solved by politely negotiating with the school. The current situation is a conflict of their official policy and the utterance of an employee.

So as much as you can, go and talk to the person you spoke with before, or the billing office and attempt to come to a negotiated resolution that you can accept.

If something like this ever happens in the future, be sure to drop by the last date even if there is a chance you would not be suspended. They can always reinstate you if they don’t take action.

I also don’t think the school was being sneaky. It sounds exactly like an administrative process ran into a conflict with a business office policy.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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