LoanStar Title Loans Has Me All Confused


Dear Steve,

I received a title loan and paid it off.

A couple of days later I had something devastating occur and needed another quick.

Lonestar title loans was the only place open. I was told that the funds were not in office that we would have to meet at the bank after picking my kids up from school.

The lady had me sign papers stating that it would be much faster this way.

She said by the time I got back from picking my kids up that she’d be finished at the bank already and would hand me the $3500 that I requested.

I then left. I was back within a matter of 10 minutes or so. She met me at my car outside immediately and advised me to follow her to the bank. I did. Once we arrived she came back up to my car and told me to get my i.d. and come in. I thought, this was strange. Why did I have to go too….

Unless maybe she was giving me the money right away. Once inside she sat down and pretty much left me to cash a $3500 check. No big deal…. Until we got outside.

She immediately snatched the money out be of my hand and said she needed to count it to ensure it was all there.

She took it with her and advised me to follow her to the office AGAIN! once there she gave me $2500 and said that her manager said that’s all that they could do.

I thought that’s weird. I asked about the paperwork because I signed papers to borrow $3500. She said that now that I have an online account she could upload it there for me to sign that way we could both go home.

I never did receive anything online. Not any phone calls, correspondence, etc. I called almost every week for the first few months and got no response or answer ever.

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Time went but honestly and it got forgotten about until one day I received a release of lien letter in the mail.

I thought maybe the worker stole the money and that’s why they were sending me this. I proceed to head down to the title office where I was able to remove the lien.

2 months later I was shopping and watched a wrecker take my car. This was in May. Since I’ve gotten the room around. I still don’t have my car.

Never know that was going to happen. Again never even got a call or a letter or. anything I still don’t know where my belongings are and to my knowledge the car is sitting in a lot in Houston since they can’t sell it since they aren’t a lienholder anymore.

What can I legally do about this situation

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Dear Erica,

You don’t need me, you need an attorney. I think you may live in Texas, here are some consumer attorneys in Texas who you can contact.

Do not delay in getting legal help. You have an alarming story that needs an attorney to get involved with.

I don’t know what the situation was but making a hasty decision on a high-risk loan is not something you should do ever again from the only place open.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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