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Can I Ever Get Out of Debt From My Car Title Loan?

Repo Truck

“Dear Steve, I owe 3 credit cards totaling 4000 with an interest rate of 22.9%. BUT I also have a title loan of 9000 which has an interest payment of 525 a month. I know I was stupid but that’s water under the bridge now. My question is this, should I pay off my credit cards first and then tackle ... Read More »

    Car Title Lenders Deceived Consumers Says FTC


    The Federal Trade Commission has taken action for the first time against two car title lenders, reaching settlements that will require them to stop their use of deceptive advertising to market title loans. A car title loan is typically a high cost, short-term loan, secured with the consumer’s car title. In administrative complaints issued against two title lenders, First American ... Read More »

      Perpetuating Poverty: Exploitative Businesses, the Urban Poor, and the Failure of Liberal Reform

      Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 1.45.08 PM

      Here is a new paper out that may be of interest to all who want to know more about rent-to-own, payday lending and the title loan business. David Papke from the Marquette University Law School is to be commended for this paper. “This article scrutinizes the rent-to-own, payday lending, and title pawn businesses – all of which target and exploit ... Read More »

        Can I Get My Vehicle Out of Pawn With a Title Loan? – Kelly

        money down the drain

        “Dear Steve, Currently have a title pawn for $5000. I know these are stupid, but desperate people do desperate things sometimes. the monthly payment I have to pay is $500 which is the interest. more if I want to bring down the principle balance. Are there any legitimate companies out there that will assist with a title loan payoff. Meaning, ... Read More »

          I Had a Title Loan. They Took the Truck and Sold it But Say I Still Owe Them. – John


          “Dear Steve, I had a 2003 ford ranger 4 door need some cash to fix some lose end truck was paid out My question it i used the truck to get a title loan from a title company which gave me half of the fair market value . after which i had some problem with my boss at work who ... Read More »

            Will the Title Loan Company Take My Car if My Payment is Late? – Natalie

            auto title loans

            “Dear Steve, Hello,I have a car title loan that is 2 days past due.The contract does state that if payment is not made or late your car can be taken.However there is a page in the contract that says there will be a penalty for late payments that are past 10 dsys.As I was told there are no grace period.I ... Read More »

              Can’t Afford Title Loan Payment. They Won’t Work With Me. – Yasmina


              I wasn’t getting a lot of hours at work, and I decided to take out a car title loan, but now I’ve lost my job, and they want me to pay $200 worth of only interest before they will allow me to refinance the loan. What can I do so they will work with me, because I don’t have $200, ... Read More »

                What Can the Auto Title Lender Tell My Mom? – Cindy

                auto title loans

                “Dear Steve, I have an auto title loan in AZ. I am currently behind by one month and 1/2. My mom went into that place today and gave them my name. The auto title loan people pulled up my account and told them how many months behind I was and how much i owe them now. I thought in Auto ... Read More »

                  I Got a Title Loan from Title Max But My Car is Broken Now. – Kiara

                  tow truck

                  “Dear Steve, In october of 2012, I obtained a title loan to assist me with repairing my vehicle because the transmission was going bad. I ended up getting about $600 and ended up repairing it with no problem. Then in november, i was laid off and the car started having issues again. I ended up homeless with a broken car ... Read More »

                    Can I Include a Title Loan in Bankruptcy?

                    Ready to Collapse

                    “Dear Steve, I have some debt…. have not been employeed in nearly two years, but I am sure that I will be soon . In the meantime, I do have some debt and since Ive not been employeed & no one has hired me – I need to file a BK. I have a title loan can I include it ... Read More »

                      I Need to Rebuild My Credit After Bankruptcy. – Dennis

                      Ready to Collapse

                      “Dear Steve, I own a Honda Fit with around $58,000 miles on it and I have the title. I also just finished a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and so my credit is shot. I wanted to borrow against my title about $7,000 and make payments over 3 to 4 years in order to get back on my feet. Do you recommend ... Read More »

                        I Filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy But Found Out I’m Not Eligible for a Discharge Due to a Previous Chapter 7. – James

                        “Dear Lewis, I took on more than I can handle in a short period of time. I took out secured installement loans and I got behind on them. I also had a title pawn out on my car. I then lost my job and the creditors were calling me everyday saying they were going to show up at my house ... Read More »

                          I Took Out a Cart Title Loan With Lone Star Loans I Can’t Afford to Pay Anymore. – Nancy

                          Ready to Collapse


                            Can The Title Loan People Keep Calling Me for Payment? – Tracee

                            Ready to Collapse

                            “Dear Steve, I have a title loan with the cash store, I have been having health problems and have been late a couple of times but always notified them. They call me on the average of 8 to 10 times aday 3 days before my loan is due. They block there calls and call my work as well. Can they ... Read More »

                              I Might Get My Car Repossessed By LoanMart the Title Loan People. – Cynthia

                              Ready to Collapse

                              “Dear Steve, I have a loan with loanmart, I am exactly 13 days past due, and advised I will make my payment on the 15th which is in 3 days. They said I had to have payment in today or they will repossess my vehicle because it is a new loan. Last month they said my payment had to be ... Read More »

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