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Is This a Domain Listings LLC Scam or a Lack of Attention?

Written by Steve Rhode

A reader sent in an “invoice” their church had received from a company named Domain Listings in Las Vegas.

The invoice turns out to not be for the church domain name but a steep fee to have a listing on

The question is if the mailer gives administrative or bookkeeping people the incorrect impression the bill is for their own domain name.

The invoice appearing document does say “this is not a bill” and “We are not a Domain Registrar” but judging by the complaints on the BBB website, many people felt misled.

What is surprising is the company has a B- rating with the BBB even though they have 89 complaints closed in the last three years and a 1.5 star rating from consumers.

Consumer complaints have a common thread of feeling like the mailer they received was an invoice:

  • “Looks like a bill Domain Listings looks like a bill but is NOT as in small gray print it reflects “this is not a bill. this is a solicitation. If the consumer doesn’t read the bill thoroughly, they may presume their domain listing is now managed under “DOMAIN LISTINGS” and has to pa them to avoid the annual listing.”
  • “The bill appeared to be an annual renewal of our society’s domain but is only a scam since our domain is registered and maintained though another company.”
  • “This company sent a very official looking invoice that looked like it was a bill for our website domain.”
  • “I received an invoice from Domain Listings stating that our company owes $228 for our annual domain listing.” – Source

Even though the company has received the vast majority of its complaints regarding advertising/sales or billing/collection issues, they are still sending out mailers.

The BBB reports the managing member of Domain Listings LLC is Michael Felling and the manager is Audra Golubic.

I did a quick search to see if there were any lawsuits filed in Las Vegas against the Domain Listings LLC and there was a case filed by a company named Eco Electric LLC that resulted in a default judgment for $31,879 against Domain Listings LLC and Sanders Construction Group LLC. There were no cases in federal court. – Source

I don’t know anything more about the case.

The State of Nevada says the company registered on April 8, 2014. The listed address is PO Box 19607, Las Vegas, NV 89132-0607. Complaints seem to go back to at least 2013 and more churches posted complaints online here.

I think it would be impossible to make the statement that Domain Listings LLC is targetting churches but it seems there are a number of complaints from churches who received a similar offer. Here is another site with church-related complaints about Domain Listings LLC.

The poster even goes on to say, “Beware of scam from “Domain Listings”.

A search of the Domain Listings LLC website for the word found at least 12,786 listings in the Churches category and 5,996 in the attorney category.

The somewhat good news is it looks like people who complain do get refunds once they figure out what they paid for is not what they thought they were gettings.

My advice, read the fine print before your employer or business pays any bill.

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