I Hired Affirmative Law and My Credit Score Went Down and I Got Sued


Dear Steve,

I Hired Affirmative Law PC and I have questions

My question is my debt I gave to them to help me out it was ok when I turned it into them and now my credit score went way down and I have got sued from three company’s already is this normal I am naïve to this situation can you please help.



Dear Cliff,

From the Affirmative Law website, it appears they offer something called the Debt Resolution Program.

That sounds like what you may have signed up for.

The first and best stop to fully understand the risks and consequences of such a program is NOT what the salesperson tells you but what the client agreement you signed says.

That client agreement is a contract that typically spells out the fees and risks of any debt relief program.

On the Affirmative Law website, it does say, “There are some specific risks involving Debt Resolution. First, it is important that the client understands that by not paying their monthly bills, whether in the program or not, they run the risk of creditors taking legal action.” and “participation in a debt resolution program will have a negative impact on credit scores.” – Source

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It seems like they disclosed the issues you are having and I’d be shocked if it wasn’t in their client agreement as well.

Typically, bankruptcy is the least expensive way to deal with problem debt, avoids getting sued, and eliminates the debt tax-free.

That being said, I’m not sure exactly what Affirmative Law is. The State filing and BBB say Andrea Calve is in charge but the State of Texas does not have an attorney under that name. However, Andrea Calve did previously state, ” I am admitted to practice law in CT, TX and NM. I am listed with the TX state bar under my maiden name, Uhlman.” – Source

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I think you will find more information in this previous post on Affirmative Law.

I would recommend that anyone considering using such a company should read the following free guides.

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