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I Can’t Pay My Car Title Loan and Don’t Want to Lose My Car

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

I am in deep doo-doo, pawned my car title and now I can’t pay cauze I got behind, don’t want my car taken, credit not good, so where do I stand!

I put my question in the first paragraph, I don’t know how to get out of this spiraling situation!!



Dear Nancy,

The obvious answer to putting this behind you is to pay the loan. But I’m assuming that’s just not an option.

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Unfortunately, if you took out a title loan and signed the title over to the loan company as collateral, they own the car till you pay off the loan.

You could always attempt to negotiate an affordable repayment plan but I’m sure you’ve already tried that.

Ultimately, the car title lender estimates they will recover the amount of the loan by selling off your vehicle. I’m sympathetic to your situation but that is what you signed up for when you took out the loan.

One option may be to consider Chapter 13 bankruptcy to prevent the repossession of the vehicle and allow you to pay back what you owe over a five year period.

You can find a good local bankruptcy attorney and have a free discussion about what bankruptcy would mean for you. Bankruptcy is the fastest way to get a fresh start for the least amount of money.

Determining if the car title is really securing the loan is something the bankruptcy attorney can advise you on when you meet with them.

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