My Grandparents Cosigned for My Sallie Mae Loan and Keep Getting Hassled



My grandparents co-signed for me loans thru Sallie Mae. They want large amounts at a time and won’t let me make 150 dollar payments.

They have been harassing me and most of my family, checked my grandparent’s bank account and since my loans defaulted recently, now they are threatening to sue.

They are very rude on the phone.

How should I go about this?


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Dear Loran,

Sallie Mae (Navient) services both private and federal student loans. Your reference to the threats of suing to collect, and at a time most federal loans went into forbearance, suggests these are private student loans.

In order to offer the best feedback, it would help to know:

  • What are the loan balances?
  • How late are payments on all Sallie Mae loans?
  • How much can you, as a family, come up with each month to resolve the debts?
  • If they were to settle for 40 percent, how quickly you could pull together the money to do that?

With those calls to your family members that are not part of the loan, can you tell me:

  • How many calls to each family member were made?
  • What was said to anyone who spoke with Sallie Mae?

You can post your answers in the comments below, and I will be able to offer more feedback from there.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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