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Bankruptcy Court Wants to Discharge Spousal Consolidation Student Loans. Educational Credit Management Corporation Says, “Not So Fast.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 1.55.52 PM

I have to admit I am totally perplexed by the media and popular myths that believe student loans can’t be discharged in bankruptcy. Even a lot of bankruptcy attorneys believe this wildfire myth. Thanks to some amazing readers and tipsters I’ve just received a collection of cases where the consumer managed to have their student loans eliminated in bankruptcy, right ... Read More »

    Sallie Mae – CFPB Complaint – 1291228

    Consumer Said: “I have a private loan with Sallie Mae. I called them to try to get them to lower my payment or interest rate due to my income. I have XXXX children and only made a small on my taxes last year I need help with my payment or it will ruin my credit. They REFUSED to help me ... Read More »

      Sallie Mae – CFPB Complaint – 1296383

      Consumer Said: “To whom it may concern, I called Sallie Mae to proactively figure out a rate reduction plan that would help me pay less per month with a lower interest rate due to increasing living expenses. I have good credit and I have been making my payments — I ‘m actually ahead right now because I started paying large ... Read More »

        Sallie Mae – CFPB Complaint – 1300677

        Consumer Said: “Request for Credit Reversal and DisputeMy name is__ and I am a United States XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX Veteran who is appalled at the treatment that I have been receiving from Sallie Mae , Inc . I ‘ve served my country honorably as an officer for 21 years and never thought that my financial future would be scarred ... Read More »

          Sallie Mae – CFPB Complaint – 1301259

          Consumer Said: “the Sallie Mae web site is difficult to make online payments. The loan account numbers do not all show up in loan summary. I have to click on other loans to have them appear. Then the previous loans disappear. This site is difficult for me, and I have had too may years of experience with student loans. My ... Read More »

            Sallie Mae – CFPB Complaint – 1307552

            Consumer Said: “I cosigned XXXX student loans at SallieMae for my son. For the last XXXX years I have made the {$25.00} required minimum payment. Over time as the number of loans grew, so did the payment. I currently send XXXX check for all XXXX loans in the amount of {$100.00}. Suddenly last month they credited the full payment to ... Read More »

              Sallie Mae – CFPB Complaint – 1308966

              Consumer Said: “I had XXXX private student loans with Sallie Mae while I was in school. I refinanced these loans in XX/XX/XXXX with XXXX, XXXX XXXX sent Sallie Mae payments on XX/XX/XXXX and sent me a receipt for payment. Sallie Mae had n’t processed the payment on XX/XX/XXXX and wanted me to pay them for a loan that was already ... Read More »

                Sallie Mae – CFPB Complaint – 1312592

                Consumer Said: “I have a Sallie Mae student loan, I had made my monthly payment on XXXX/XXXX/15 in full, {$130.00} and I requested a Forbearance at that time. I was told by XXXX in customer service that my Forbearance was indeed processed and I had nothing to worry about, as it was for ( 3 ) months. A few days ... Read More »

                  Sallie Mae – CFPB Complaint – 1314656

                  Consumer Said: “I attended a years worth of training at the XXXX school XXXX XXXX XXXX, out in XXXX XXXX, California, as well as an additional 4 months of training specifically for XXXX, under the same institution. For a small portion of my tuition, I was able to receive federal loans, but the majority I had to apply for private ... Read More »

                    Sallie Mae – CFPB Complaint – 1316663

                    Consumer Said: “I have XXXX student loans. The first XXXX are in ok shape because they are federal loans with XXXX. I currently do an income based repayment with the federal loans and my payment is {$0.00} a month. However I have a private loan through Sallie Mae that is about to go into default because I ca n’t afford ... Read More »

                      Sallie Mae – CFPB Complaint – 1317146

                      Consumer Said: “I have been attempting to make payments to my private loans with Sallie Mae since XXXX/XXXX/XX/XX/XXXX and in each instance the payment I had submitted has been reversed, therefore incomplete. the total payment amounts have been amassing to ridiculous totals since no payments have been processed by Sallie Mae, and because of this, in XXXX XX/XX/XXXX I was ... Read More »

                        Sallie Mae – CFPB Complaint – 1320771

                        Consumer Said: “To Whom It May Concern : I am writing to express my extreme concern at Sallie Mae ‘s abhorrent customer service and loan application process. I was accepted into an XXXX program ( XXXX XXXX ). As such, Sallie Mae was the only XXXX loan servicing option. As far as I can tell, Sallie Mae has virtually no ... Read More »

                          Sallie Mae – CFPB Complaint – 1320897

                          Consumer Said: “I am a graduate of the University of XXXX XXXX. During my time at the University ( XX/XX/XXXX-XX/XX/XXXX ), I obtained XXXX ( XXXX ) private student loans from Sallie Mae to cover costs of tuition. Those loans have since gone into repayment with a monthly payment well over {$800.00}. I do not have the financial ability to ... Read More »

                            Sallie Mae – CFPB Complaint – 1322017

                            Consumer Said: “I attempted to pay off my student loan with Sallie Mae. During this process I used the system to view the current balance/payoff amount of my loan and checked that option on the payment form. I specifically chose this option and not Last Statement Balance since the statement balance may have possibly been not current. After submitting the ... Read More »

                              Sallie Mae – CFPB Complaint – 1330769

                              Consumer Said: “I am in debt with Sallie Mae and it is a delinquent loan because I have been ACTIVELY looking for work ( no results yet ), but I have an unpaid internship with a company that may hire me. However, Sallie Mae keeps calling on an HOURLY basis ALL week even Sundays after hours ( XXXX ) while ... Read More »

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