My Sallie Mae Private Student Loans Hang Over Me Like a Dark Cloud

Question: Dear Steve, I originally borrowed a lot of private loan money from Sallie Mae (7 different loans). Unfortunately, they all defaulted once I decided to stop paying (because my minimum/interest-only/salary-based payments did nothing). I paid a company to help me get collection companies to validate the debts, which they couldn’t, so I was never … Read more

Navient Enters Massive Student Loan Forgiveness Settlement. Details Clear-ish.

It was announced today that many, but not all states that participated in a lawsuit against Navient in 2017. At the time Navient called the suit, “completely unfounded” but the announcements today reflect the opposite. Details of Settlement We have both a lot of information and a lot of unanswered questions about how all of … Read more

Mother Pays Off Navient Loan Years Before and Hit With $92K Collection Bill Anyway

This suit filed against Sallie Mae Student Loan Corporation, Ascension, Navient, Equifax Information Services, Pioneer Credit Services, Trans Union, and Experian Services Corporation would be unbelievable if all the facts asserted are proven true. I’ll keep an eye on this suit but for now, here is what we do know. In Texas, in December 2020 … Read more

How Am I Ever Going to Deal With My Sallie Mae – Navient Student Loans?

Question: Dear Steve, Sallie Mae->Navient steered me into and consolidated my student loans, 7% interest-been paying for 22 years on one and since they consolidated when I finished my MS in 2007, looks like it’s only been 13 years. Now I’m a lung cancer survivor, 61 years old with ongoing health problems and the balance … Read more

Salle Mae Wants Me to Pay on a Loan I Don’t Owe for My National Guard Son

Question: Dear Steve, I go a call that my son owed a large amount to a college he was attending. They admitted they had failed to invoice him hence the pileup. Suddenly SallieMae was calling me wanting to know if I would cosign. Not knowing what else to do I said ok. They took my … Read more

I Think I’ve Paid Enough to Navient and SallieMae

Question: Dear Steve, I have paid Navient/Sallie Mae roughly $63k over the past 10 years but my balance never goes down. My original principal was around $40k. Should I consider just stopping payments? Casey Answer: Dear Casey, I can certainly understand how you would feel this way. You are making the payments required but it’s … Read more

My Grandparents Cosigned for My Sallie Mae Loan and Keep Getting Hassled

Grand parents enjoying life

Question: Michael, My grandparents co-signed for me loans thru Sallie Mae. They want large amounts at a time and won’t let me make 150 dollar payments. They have been harassing me and most of my family, checked my grandparent’s bank account and since my loans defaulted recently, now they are threatening to sue. They are … Read more

I Feel Like Tribeca Flashpoint Academy Misled Me

Question: Hi Steve, My son attended Tribeca Flashpoint Academy from 2011 – 2014. Prior to enrollment both he and I sat down with the college founder and were told that the school was in the accreditation process and assured us that by my son’s second semester in attendance. When this did not occur we called … Read more

Do We Really Have to Repay This Old Student Loan?

Question: Dear Steve, My husband attending the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in 2008. The school closed in 2009, in the middle of him going to school. He was one of the few who showed up at the campus to find the doors chained and locked. We’ve been fighting to pay off his student loan since … Read more

More Private Sallie Mae – Navient Student Loans Discharged in Bankruptcy for Bar Review Courses

Crocker v. Navient Solutions, a recent Fifth Circuit decision, is a small win for student-loan debtors. Essentially, the Fifth Circuit ruled that a private student loan obtained to pay for a bar review course is dischargeable in bankruptcy. (The opinion also includes extensive analysis and ruling on a jurisdictional issue, which will not be discussed … Read more

Navient Claims All Private Student Loans Are Not Dischargeable in Bankruptcy. Court Disagrees.

A reader sent in the following statement regarding a case filed in Texas, “Just including a recent decision from the 5th circuit court of appeals that says Navient private student loans are discharged when bankruptcy is discharged, and that any contempt violation that occurred has to be in the court it happened.” I’ve actually written … Read more

Bankruptcy Discharge of Certain Sallie Mae and Navient Student Loans Takes Big Step Forward

Students in a classroom

Justice takes time. In 2016 I first wrote about Navient and Sallie Mae student loans that clearly appeared to be eligible for and dischargeable in bankruptcy if people had filed. See this post for more. At issue was the fact the student loans pushed by then Sallie Mae were not protected in bankruptcy from discharge … Read more