History of Credit and Debt

The History of Credit & Debt – Table of Contents

Main Collection

  1. Keeping Track
  2. Interest
  3. Very Early Debtors
  4. Early Regulations of Interest and Credit
  5. First Real Coins – Cattle Are Heavy
  6. The Pilgrims
  7. Money, Credit and Debt
  8. When Did The Dollar Arrive?
  9. How Did We Get The $ Symbol
  10. Debtors’ Prison
  11. When Did Credit As We Know It Arrive In The U.S.
  12. Early Sources of Credit – Pawnbrokers
  13. Early Installment Sales
  14. General Credit Terms in Early Consumer America
  15. Saving Money
  16. Credit Cards
  17. The Finance Company
  18. Bankruptcy

Special Exhibits

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    Additional Reading

    1. How to Budget, How to Buy, How to Pay
    2. “The Way to Wealth” – 1757
    3. Duty of Economy – Criticism of the American lack of thrift – 5/20/1905
    4. National Thrift Week – 01/17/1920

    Before You Leave

    The Credit Surprise

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