How Can I Get My Bills When I Have No Mailing Address Anymore?


Dear Steve,

Nothing special at this stage. I have been subscribed and following you for many years and you’ve been so helpful both with mine as well as other people questions… THANK YOU.
This is not directly about finance but still – maybe you can shed some light, please…

I recently sold my house. All my credit cards and bank accounts (among others) are still registered to my old address, however, I don’t have a new address yet and have been staying with friends and family until I find a new place to live.

I’m hesitating to contact the credit card companies to let them know as I’m sure they will want a new address and since I don’t have one, I’m concerned that they will freeze or cancel my accounts (since now there’s no balance on them thanks to the proceeds from the house sale).

I have a forwarding address to a neighbor friend and at any rate, I’m signed for paperless statements, so I’m not concerned about missing any.

Any thoughts, ideas…? Again thank you so much. You’ve been invaluable support of my financial lives for many years.



Dear Jesse,

I would suggest using virtual mailbox service like Earth Class Mail, iPostal1, PostScanMail, or one of the many others.

Using a service like those above your mail can be received, scanned, destroyed, and delivered to you via email.

Having your mail go to an unsecured neighbor or friend can expose you to identity theft.

A virtual service that processes mail as their business has been more secure.

I’m so glad you reached out to me again. I’m always here for you.


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