How Do I Get a Voluntary Dismissal Off My Credit Report?


Dear Steve,

Got a letter from a law firm for a debt. I ask for them to provide a listed statement and they said they will send it.

I got a letter of voluntary dismissal. Now how do I get it off my credit?



Dear Sandra,

It is not exactly clear what you are asking to get off your credit report. Are you saying that the civil complaint, the lawsuit, does appear on your credit report and shows some status other than dismissed?

Or are you saying that the debt you were sued over appears on your credit report?

If you are referring to the delinquent debt, then it might still be reported on your credit report for up to seven years and 180 days from when it went delinquent.

A voluntary dismissal of a lawsuit to recover the debt has no bearing on the underlying debt. The dismissal means the Plaintiff decided not to pursue the case, at this time. They can always refile.

If the debt that led to this issue is not reported accurately you can always file a dispute with the credit reports that show the debt. You can also go to AnnualCreditReport.com to get a free copy of all three major credit reports to examine.

The credit bureaus do a good job of providing links to dispute items on your credit report through their online portals.

But if the debt does exist and can be verified, you might want to think of dealing with the debt to just put it behind you.

Let me know more about what is going on by posting an update in the comments section below.



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