FBI Seeking Info on Titan Legal Processing or Titan Consulting Group

I can’t remember ever seeing anything like this before but the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is searching for consumers that have used the settlement company Titan Consulting Group that I’ve written about before.

The FBI must be pursuing some sort of criminal activity investigation. Otherwise, why would they be involved?

The FBI form says, “If you were directed to this questionnaire via an FBI victim notification letter, it is because you have been identified as potentially having been defrauded by Titan Legal Processing, LLC, a debt relief company, possibly affiliated with a company known as Titan Consulting Group. Titan Legal Processing reportedly failed to provide services after collecting up-front fees.

To assist in the investigation and to be provided with information on resources available to victims, please answer the questions below to the best of your ability. It may be that you have already given this information to an FBI agent, but please provide it again on this questionnaire. Based on your responses, you may be contacted by the FBI and asked to provide additional information.”

Looking at the list of public FBI forms requesting information, this is a first.


What makes this even more intriguing is the questions the FBI asks on their form seem to be generic settlement company questions.

Is this a second toe in the debt relief water by the FBI?

It reminds me a bit of the fact that Brandon Frere, a debt relief company owner was arrested by the FBI and criminally charged and is now headed to federal prison.

Makes this post from earlier even more relevant. Is this a coincidence or a trend?

What do you think?

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12 thoughts on “FBI Seeking Info on Titan Legal Processing or Titan Consulting Group”

  1. My name is Mark White I gave Titan legal Prossesing close to eighteen thousand dollars over a period close to three years to help me with my debt problems they did absolutely nothing but take my money. They caused me to be garnished I was trying to the best I could to pay my creditors and build my credit score back up, but now it’s has gotten so bad for me I may have to file for bankruptcy.

  2. I use to pay 500 dollars a month for almost 3 of the 4 years term. nothing really got solved and now I’m not even able to rent a studio here in California.

  3. Is there a class action lawsuit been started against Titan legal processing yet I was paying them 260.00 a month when I got the letter from the FBI would be nice to kept informed on whats going on I would like to sue them if possible

  4. I’ve been paying Titan Legal Processing 424.78 a month for the last yr and a half. They have done nothing for me. They never responded to court papers that were delivered to me by a sheriffs office. I’ve been trying to reach out to them for the last 3 months and all I get is an email to send them info. Which they still don’t get back to me. At this point I have stopped the payment and will try to get back as much of my money as possible. Now I have to try and resolve this issue on my own.

  5. I have been paying thrm to over 2 years. They are being investigated. About a month ago Titan sent out email that assets had been frozen and they had to stop conducting business and was not making any negotiations. I immediately contacted my bank and stopped payment on the monthly amount they were taking. I am fearful as they have not settled many of my accounts and taken thousands upfront for their pockets. My stress level is on high.

    • I bet it is. It sounds like if they are no longer providing you with any services that you will have to take responsibility for dealing with your debts. I would suggest you contact them and discuss what the plan is moving forward or think about consulting with my debt coach friend https://damonday.com and come up with a plan to move forward. At the very least, you will have to take some action and not sit in a hover.

  6. I have been pay these people for three years, I the amount off 260.49 a month and 4000.00 up front I would like to know what happens now have I lost all this money and no help.


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