Something Crazy is Going on With Low Settlement Offers on NorthStar Collected Student Loans

If you have a Navient student loan that was being collected on or serviced by Northstar Location Services then this might be a unique window of opportunity to settle it for a low offer.

There is some unknown underlying issue that is prompting the low settlements to be accepted. I have no idea what it is.

If you have money to settle, and you want to go that route, contact my debt coach friend Damon Day as soon as possible and see if he might have more information if you have a Navient student loan that involved any contact with NorthStar Location Services collection company.

There have been suits filed in the past that alleged some collection issues but it is hard to tell if there is some underlying issue since these appear to be typical FDCPA cases.

I wish I had more concrete information but I don’t. All I can say for certain is something is going on.

This might actually have something surrounding allegations like those made in this past suit regarding Navient placing loans with Northstar Location Services to collect on private student loans.

It is worth checking into.

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