I Used to Be a Password Idiot But You Shouldn’t Be

This is the first time I think I’ve ever done this, written about a product with which I have an affiliate relationship. But I feel so strongly about this product that I can’t help but speak up about it as a user since 2018 or even earlier.

I’m what some call a “raving fan.” That is such a happy customer of a product or service that they tell everyone about it because it is such a good product.

So Much of Life is Moving Online

When I first started exploring the internet in the early 1990s, I will admit that using one password everyplace was a time-saving strategy. Yes, it was extremely stupid and naive. The internet was innocent, and security was less of a concern. Not many people had been mugged by technology yet.

Those innocent days are long gone—Goodbye to safety and security.

Goodbye days of internet safety and security.

When I started to get serious about protecting my passwords, I started as many did. I wrote them done. I had the small not under my keyboard to remember the now ten or so different passwords I used. That wasn’t that smart, but it was a step up from before.

Now Passwords Are Everywhere

I now use 1Password to manage all my online passwords. As I’m writing this, I have 1,465 different passwords for all the websites I access or have had to register for.

And those are not silly passwords like “1234567” or “Password.”

My individual passwords are uniquely generated passwords up to 20 characters of letters, numbers, and special characters.

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You Can Share Passwords

My wife and I have a family account, and we can share whatever password we want so we can both access it. Every couple has those kinds of services that are joined.

But 1Password still lets you have your own private vault of passwords as well. With a family account, you are not giving up or sharing anything you don’t want to with someone you trust.

Warnings Are Very Helpful

Another feature of 1Password that I really appreciate is the Watchtower alerts. Those are notifications to alert you when there is an issue with a site or a password. Watchtower tells you about password breaches and other security problems with the items you have saved in 1Password.

You are also notified about reused passwords, weak passwords, and sites that allow for two-factor authentication.

1Password integrates with the database from Have I Been Pwned to see if there are any data breaches? of sites you have saved. When you get an alert from 1Password, you can jump on the issue rapidly and generate another random password to regain your security.

There Are Other Similar Services But I Love This One the Most

I feel very strongly about making sure you are using some password protection secure service. These days some browsers will let you save passwords, but I’m less thrilled about those options. I like 1Password because it is easily used online and on my smartphone.

At the end of the day, I know I’m gushing on about 1Password, but it because I love the service just that much. It is so inexpensive that if using the service prevented you from being hacked or your bank accounts accessed just one time by a crook; it is invaluable.

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