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What to Do if You Don’t Like Your Bankruptcy Attorney?

What do you do if you don’t like your bankruptcy attorney?

The US economy may have been beaten around a lot the last few years, but it’s still got one thing going for it: Freedom of choice.

Whatever you but, whatever service you use, you have a choice. Coke® or Pepsi®.Toyota® or Ford®. The same applies to your bankruptcy attorney.

No lawyer can guarantee results, but you certainly know your satisfaction.

Your bankruptcy attorney is providing you with a service. You are paying for this service, and your dollars are your vote. If, for whatever reason, you are unsatisfied with your current bankruptcy attorney, then you absolutely have the right to find a new one.

However, before you make this big leap, there are a few things to consider.

The Right to Choose a Bankruptcy Attorney

You have the right to work with any bankruptcy lawyer you desire. Although more may be on the line than a dented bumper or leaky sink, a lawyer is, in many ways, just like a mechanic or a plumber. You’re paying them for a service, and if you’re not satisfied you can always get a new mechanic, plumber or lawyer.

And, just as with other industries, you don’t need to give a reason to change attorneys. While you will need to formally notify a bankruptcy attorney that you are ending a relationship, you are not obligated under law to finish a case with the lawyer that starts the case.

However, there may be extra costs associated with changing lawyers.

You are responsible for paying for services provided by a lawyer. Changing lawyers does not necessarily mean that you don’t have to pay your first lawyer.

Also, if you change lawyers, you may need to do some backtracking with your new lawyer. While in many cases the transition process can be smooth, you may need to re-file paperwork, go over old information again or pay for similar work to be redone.

Finally, be aware that a new lawyer may charge new rates. You may end up paying more or less for similar services.

Your Case Should Be Handled How You Want

In the end, this is your bankruptcy case and your life. You are paying for the services of a lawyer, and you should be satisfied with their work. If you’ve expressed your displeasure, and still haven’t seen improvement then it may be time to find a new lawyer.

Once you have notified your lawyer that you are discontinuing with his service, you may find a new one. Most lawyers will not, or cannot, take your case if another lawyer is currently working on it.

With a smooth transition, you may not lose much time or money.

If you are looking for a bankruptcy lawyer, simply complete the form on this page to be put you in touch with a local bankruptcy attorney.


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