The Navy Tells Jonathan to Contact Me For Advice

Dear Steve, I’m a 30-year-old married man, 2 children. My wife lost her six-figure-a-year job in real estate. Since then, we have lost two homes to foreclosure, 1 vehicle repossessed, and 15 major credit cards maxed out and not paid for 2 yrs+. Everything is in the collection. We have about $1.2 million in unpaid … Read more

Soon Bankruptcy Attorneys Will Need Bankruptcy Attorneys

The United States Courts offered some more bad news to bankruptcy attorneys who are already struggling for business. Yet bankruptcy attorneys are staring at the golden goose here if they could just get in the student loan defense game. Massive opportunity is sitting right in front of bankruptcy attorneys but they just won’t bite. According … Read more

How to find and interview the bankruptcy attorney you will hire.

Not all bankruptcy attorneys are created equal. That is not shocking. The same could be said about finding help in any profession or job that requires expertise and training. That said, finding the right bankruptcy attorney for you is not something that should prove difficult for most of us. But there are some things I … Read more

The Bankruptcy Trustee and Attorney Screwed Up My Bankruptcy. – Teresa

“Dear Steve, Our bankruptcy has came to an end but in going over the details, I found MANY unethical things. 1 – it seems my attorney and the trustee were in each others pockets. 2 – the credit union put a $65 a month insurance on the vehicle that was through them but I have … Read more

Fake Bankruptcy Attorney Caught in Maryland Running Scalia & Seidel

Michael mancini of Baltimore, Maryland was caught recently impersonating a bankruptcy attorney. it is reported he represented more than 50 consumers in bankruptcy before getting caught in his sham. Mancini, a high school graduate, was ordered by U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge David Rice to pay $261,000 in fines and damages and close up shop. According … Read more

Should I Talk to a Bankruptcy Lawyer Before Deciding What to Do? – Elle

“Dear Steve, $50k in credit card debt Car loan Own my home A debt settlement company called me this evening explaining their program. They are telling me that using them only drops your credit score 50 points and once all the debts are paid 3 years from now your credit is back to good. They … Read more

Bankruptcy California

You remember that old song Hotel California by the Eagles? It’s time for a new updated version titled Bankruptcy California. There are many reasons why you should consider filing for bankruptcy California. Especially if there seem to be no way out of your financial predicament. Making use of a skilled California bankruptcy attorney will give … Read more

I’m Not Sure My Bankruptcy Attorney is Giving Me Good Advice. – Darlene

“Dear Lewis, I filed bankruptcy, chapter 13, and in June lost my job, with only four months to go in a thirty six month plan. I now am so behind and don’t know what to do, and my attorney, needless to say, I would never choose again, isn’t much help. I am worried! I want … Read more

All My Credit Card Debt Has Gone to Collections and My Sister-In-Law is Suggesting Bankruptcy. – Alyce

“Hi Mr. Roberts, Thank you in advance for your help. Presently I have about $16,000.00 of credit card debt. All have gone to collections and the largest has acquired an attorney. I have recieved a notice of civil action from them. I have spoken to them and they are willing to take payments if I … Read more

Robert is a Farmer, a Contractor and Behind in Bills

“Dear Steve, I have some credit card debt I can’t pay. I’m on disability and 66 years old and was paying them with the few jobs I had. I am a contractor and need to keep my Lowe’s accounts if I ever get some jobs. The other cards are farm and shop related. My wife … Read more

I’m on Active Duty in San Diego But Deep in Debt. What Can We Do? – Andrew

Andrew “Dear Steve, I am active duty and was stationed in San Diego and we dropped to one income and run up an extreme amount of debt (45,000). I am looking at options and wanted to file Chapter 13 but is it true that they take all of your disposable income? And if so is … Read more

Trisha is a Single Mom, Separated, and Facing Bankruptcy. What Should She Do?

Trisha “Dear Steve, I am a single mom and heavily in debt. I was living with my husband (we are legally separated) because of finances but recently I moved out. I am not behind on my payments at this time because I didn’t have to pay rent, utilities, etc. It is only a matter of … Read more

I’m Scared the Bankruptcy Trustee Won’t Let My Bankruptcy Go Through. – Lynn

“Dear Steve, Steve, I am almost at the sixty day point in my bankruptcy. I am worried it won’t result in a discharge. I qualified for a chapter 7, but the trustee was harsh with me, I think because I got here because of poor choices. I am so sorry I messed up my life … Read more

Lisa is Over Her Credit Limit, Unable to Pay the Minimum Payment, and Thinking of Bankruptcy

“Dear Steve, I am unable to make my minimum payment on my only credit card therefore, not only has my interest gone through the roof I am now over my credit limit. I don’t want to file for bankruptcy. What are my options to get this under control and get my credit card paid off? … Read more

Should I Skip a Couple of Mortgage Payments So I Can Pay For a Bankruptcy Attorney? – Justin

“Dear Steve, I am going to file bankruptcy and have stopped paying all my credit cards. I still have no money to pay an attorney. Should I skip a couple of mortgage payments in order to pay an attorney? Justin” Dear Justin, I don’t think that’s going to help you much. If you want to … Read more