Debt Relief Center & United One Debt Settlements Review

Debt Relief Center, Inc.
25 Crossroads Drive
Suite 404
Owings Mills, MD 21117

United One Debt Settlements, Inc.
10025 Governor Warfield Pkwy
Columbia, MD 21044


Debt settlement company


Stephen B. Millstein (stephen@drclogin.com)(Stephen@certifiedtitlecorp.com)
Certified Title Corporation shares the same address and attorney Stephen B. Millstein is related to Certified Title Corporation.

Stephen B. Millstein is the owner and counsel for Certified Title Corporation. Certified Title Corporation, incorporated in 1994, settles hundreds of residential real estate transactions monthly throughout nation.

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Mr. Millstein received his B.A. in political science with honors from the State University of New York at Albany in 1990 and his J.D. from the University of Baltimore School of Law in 1993. He is admitted to practice law in the state and federal courts of the state of Maryland. Mr. Millstein regularly conducts continuing education seminars on behalf of the Maryland Land Title Association and Lorman Educational Services. Source

Michael Segal – Owner (According to LinkedIn) and the BBB lists him as VP. Michael Segal is a partner at Debt Relief Center, Inc. based in Owings Mills, MD. Prior to DRC, Michael owned Citywide Mortgage (CMC) for 14 years which operated five branches and 140 employees. Michael graduated from University of Maryland with a degree in Marketing. Source

Michael Davidson


United One Debt Settlements operates a similar web site at UnitedOneDebt.com, UnitedOneDebt.net and is related. The Debt Relief Center domain name is registered through United One Debt Settlements.

in fact the corporate documents of both companies list the same three guys as directors.

Both United One Debt Settlements and Debt Relief Center were incorporated at exactly the same time. United One Debt Settlements, Inc. documents, Debt Relief Center, Inc. documents.

Why would the same guys incorporate two different debt settlement companies on the same day. I find that a bit odd. Could it be for marketing testing? But if it was, why do they use the same site design?

United One Debt Settlements Web Site
United One Debt Settlements Web Site

Interesting Points

Debt Relief Center Web Site
Debt Relief Center Web Site

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12 thoughts on “Debt Relief Center & United One Debt Settlements Review”

  1. Steven Millstein and Michael segal are crooks.  Ruined every business they have been in.  None of their businesses are still operating!  FILING BANKRUPTCY!  If you have any dealing with them, leave there company and file a complaint, report them, whatever you have to do to get away from them and make sure they don’t operate any business in which people’s money is involved! 

  2. Debtzero,

    What does that mean exactly, Retail vs. Wholesale?
    Without further explanation, I cannot see how you have added anything to the conversation.

  3. A good point, you would think that they would at least change the headline or something on the alternate website to split test and see which would work better.

    Also, I agree that Bk would be a better option. Why pay a debt settlement company for something that you could do yourself, by just getting a few books or searching online and learning how.


  4. Hi,
    I have a question. I am currently enrolled with Debt Relief Center. They have been very nice but I won’t know if their “program” works or if it is just a scam. I had a couple of questions. With the new laws taking effect in 2010:
    What happens if a creditor refuses to settle (i.e Discover or Amex?)? Can I take funds out of my “special purpose account” and try to settle myself?

    If a company refuses to settle and I don’t qualify for the means test for Chapter 7 what are my options if I don’t have the funds to pay these companies?

    Can they after they get a judgement come after my wife, although we file taxes jointly and we own a home together, all the credit card debts are in my name?

    I also own a business that has been suffering a net loss for the past 2 yrs (reason I got into so much debt). It is an S corp with its own tax id, can they shut down the corporation if I haven’t guaranteed any of the companies assets as collateral for my credit cards?

    • If a creditor refuses to settle you could take what little funds probably exist in your account after the settlement company has taken their fees. You will most likely still have to pay a percentage of the debt enrolled in the program if they have attempted to settle the debt. You would need to check with what their refund policy, if any, is.

      If you don’t qualify for a Chapter 7, then do a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

      Question, does it make sense to pay a debt settlement company thousands of dollars for services when it won’t protect you from lawsuits, judgments, wage garnishments, etc?

      Bankruptcy would give you far more protection from creditors and be much, much cheaper.



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