American Express Cancelled My Account and it is Not Fair


Dear Steve,

Longtime cardholder with American Express who has never, ever missed payment

American Express canceled my card after I was a cardholder for over a decade. The cited reason was that I directed mean language towards a representative. This seems insane, and I have no recollection of being mean or abusive. Is this legitimate? Will it impact my credit score? What steps should I now take?



Dear Mitch,

Unfortunately, it is their card, and they can cancel your account at any time.

It certainly doesn’t sound like you’ve been given a fair shake, but your options are limited outside of attempting to escalate this and see if someone will take it seriously.

It could impact your credit if this were the only open credit card you have. You typically want three cards in case something like this happens.

My advice would be to send a level-headed request to the CEO of American Express by some traceable method and ask for reconsideration to activate your account again.

It always seems better to send the request to the top and let it filter down to the appropriate level. But, unfortunately, this will not be a fast solution.

The mailing address is:

Stephen Squeri
Chairman and CEO
American Express
200 Vesey Street
New York, NY 10285-3106

I Would Suggest Something Like This

Please edit the parts that are incorrect or need more information.

Dear Mr. Squeri,

I’ve been a loyal American Express customer for the better part of a decade, and my account has always been in good standing.

Recently I was informed my account was closed, and the reason given was I directed mean language towards a representative.

I understand holding an American Express account is a privilege. As such, I have never knowingly directed any inappropriate language towards a representative. I have no idea what the reason given could be referring to.

It is well within the rights of American Express to close or cancel accounts as it fits the business purpose. In this case, it would appear my account closure was in error, and I would be most appreciative of some assistance to have my account reactivated.

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My account number was XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

If someone needs more information, they can reach me by phone at XXX-XXX-XXXX.



Send This the Old Way

I would suggest you send a letter like the one above by regular hardcopy mail. It is far too easy for an email never to be seen.

If you decide to send the letter, or one like it, please come back and comment and let me know what happens.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

Steve Rhode

4 thoughts on “American Express Cancelled My Account and it is Not Fair”

      • Thanks Steve, my plan of action was to do precisely what you set forth. The letter informing me of the decision had a mailing address listed on it- should I send two letters, one to each address?

        I do have a second card, so that is a good thing. I also always pay my balance on time, which is also good.

        Moving forward, should I wait before looking for a second card? If not, do you have any recommendations for a good alternative to American Express?

        • Mitchell,

          You should do whatever you want but my advice would be to just send the letter to the CEO and let it filter down to the lowest level most competent person. Yes, that’s a real thing.

          When it comes to credit cards (avoid debit cards) if you pay your balance off in full each month then the interest rate does not matter. I’d look for a Visa or MasterCard that offers you perks you’d actually benefit from. For example, I just spent six nights at hotels without paying for any room because I had points.

          If you shop on Amazon, they have a card that offers up to 5% off purchases.



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