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American Express Says They Will Issued 1099-C Personally on Corporate Card. – Roger

credit card verification

“Dear Steve, I have a client that has a business card with American Express. It was totally used for business, a corporation. His business is in really bad shape. He, however, is the guarantor of the card. He would like to do a settlement however Amex says they will have to issue him a 1099C individually. My client protests as ... Read More »

    American Express Closed My Account. I’m Not Happy, They’re Not Happy. – Adam

    Financing a budget

    “Dear Steve, Applied for an American Express gold card and qualified received my gold card all was well. Used the gold card on a credit card terminal in my name under my business (did not know this was illegal or against their policies and I was not doing it for illegal reasons) they closed my account immediately. I then explained ... Read More »

      My Square Account Got My American Express Card Cancelled. – Chris

      “Dear Steve, I live in Virginia. Yesterday I received a call from AMEX Financial Review office because they state I had been using my square device to “lend me some monies” from all 3 cards and this is a NO-NO. I did not know I explained but said nothing else. They want me to have my bank send them my ... Read More »

        AMEX Says They Don’t Own My Account Anymore. – MD

        Ready to Collapse

        “Dear Steve, AMEX sent me a letter to make a payment by 6/16/10 or possible placement with a collection agency. Account was sent to a collection agency on 6/05/10 prior to deadline. I called today and found that the account is cancelled and cannot talk to them anymore. I went online and still was able to make a partial payment ... Read More »

          Sharin and Lipshie Just Froze My Assets for My Business American Express

          Ready to Collapse

          “Dear Steve, i recently had a business i shut down , real estate related, we had a american express card in the business , they just had a lawyer freeze assets in my personal bank account , and my account i share with my 95 year old father, the firm was sharin and lipshie, is there any thing i can ... Read More »

            I Wrote to You Before and Things are Getting Better. – Michael

            Ready to Collapse

            “Dear Steve, About 9 months ago, I wrote you in tough shape. I had racked up about $35k in credit card debt through undergrad, law school, and a period of unemployment before starting a job which I began last July. I’ve really been scrimping and saving, and between the money I’ve put from my paychecks into debt repayment, and my ... Read More »

              I Am Being Sued By American Express but Have a Stipulated Judgment. – Maria

              Ready to Collapse

              “Dear Steve, I am being sued by American Exp. original amount was $37,000 they agreed to take 100.00 a month but when I got the judgement stipulation they had tacked on 10,000 more in legal fees. Originally the collection agency for them had agreed to accept 100.00 a month they did for a year,but then stopped the automatic withdraw without ... Read More »

                American Express is Not Being Reasonable and Won’t Work With Us. – Bob

                Ready to Collapse

                “Dear Steve, We are being sued by American Express. We had a Flex Pay balance of about 8K along with the monthly charges we paid off with each statement. We routinely paid 2000-3000 per month to Amex of which 10% went to the Flex Pay. Amex would put some of our charges in the Flex Pay although we didn’t instruct ... Read More »

                  I Hate American Express.

                  Ready to Collapse

                  “Dear Steve, Currently paying off about $75,000 in credit card debt taken on during the economic slowdown last year when my consulting business tanked; current income of about $150,000. Not sure that debt relief is a viable option for me without severe negative credit rating consequences, so I’m paying down debt on most cards with a “hardship” agreement worked out ... Read More »

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