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Over the last few years Legal Care Direct™ has diversified its line of products and now offers a best of breed line of discount programs in the legal, tax, identity theft, financial and personal counseling fields. Each of these programs can be customized to fit the needs of our clients. These programs are the most comprehensive of their kind. Legal Care Direct™ has a high degree of technical sophistication, back office expertise and first class customer service and support.


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Interesting Points

Legal Care Direct is being used as a benefit to sell debt settlement services to consumers. The fact that the debt settlement program may contain a legal network benefit is being used as an inducement to enroll in the debt settlement program without knowing all the facts. The fact that debt settlement clients can, and are sued, was hidden by companies as reported in “Debt Settlement Company Agent Admits Being Instructed to Lie to Consumers.

The script that we had there gave the minimal amount of disclosures, however; we were coached to minimize and expound upon the program as having a greater benefit to the credit score, underplay the legal action that the creditor’s would take against them and go so far as to lie to them when asked if they could be sued.

For example, if Mr. Client asked me what the likelihood of him being sued was, I would reply, “I have never had that happen to one of my clients”. I would then back it up with, “it could happen, but you are protected by a network of Legal Care Direct attorneys”.

Here is how one debt settlement company reinforces that statement made by the debt settlement company agent.

What happens if I receive a summons while in your program? – If you are one of the few clients who actually receive a summons while in our program, you will be advised to send a copy of the summons to your assigned account manager immediately. You will also be advised to contact Legal Care Direct, which is a legal service provided to you while in our program at no additional cost. A lawyer in your area will then provide you with free legal advice on how to respond to the notice, while your account manager works toward a settlement. – Source

This is the apparent sales pitch to the debt settlement companies.

On occasion, creditors will ignore the attempted settlement process and take legal action against a debt settlement client in an attempt to collect on a debt. The current Debt Settlement service model is not set up to provide direct, individual legal representation for each client that becomes subject to legal action. The result is often a dissatisfied client and ultimately client cancellation, which negatively impacts all parties involved. Legal Care Direct has a solution for Debt Settlement companies.

Legal Care Direct™ is a nationwide discount legal referral service that has contracted with thousands of attorneys in all 50 states to provide its members with free & discounted legal care.

By seamlessly embedding the LCD legal plan in to your current Debt Settlement program you clients will have unlimited access to a network attorney in their home state whom is capable of representing them in defense of claims against their creditors.

The addition of this new legal service benefit is a significant enhancement to the overall Debt Settlement service in that it provides a comprehensive legal solution for clients that become subject to a summons or participation in an Arbitration Forum.


Debt Settlement Specific Attorney Network
We have the only network located in all 50 states specifically dedicated to servicing DS members at significant discounts.

Quality Control
Our DS network understands the existing relationship between LCD and our DS partners. They understand that the referrals sent to them are clients of our DS partners, that no disparaging remarks are to be made and that our goal is to assist the member in completing their debt settlement program.

No Rush to Bankruptcy
Our attorneys will avoid bankruptcy, if it is in the best interest of the client to do so, and will work with the client’s creditors to further existing negotiations.

Help DS Companies Avoid UPL
A referral to one our network attorneys will help DS companies avoid the unlicensed practice of law. Free consultations and local representation will greatly enhance the client’s perception of the overall DS process and mitigate any risk to the DS company.

Great Retention Tool
Clients are much more likely to remain clients if their DS company is part of the solution. If the client must leave the DS company and hire outside counsel, there is a high likelihood that the client will terminate their relationship with them and seek alternatives.



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