Is Wayne Walton the New Leader for Tim McCallan?

Something very interesting is developing in Florida and New York. The way it looks, Tim McCallan the president of InterMark Media, The Achieveable debt settlement company, Vortex Debt Group debt settlement company, MediaMogul, Consumer Debt Resources and Americorp.

Well The Achievable got into a lot of trouble selling debt settlement services for Allegro Law but then it recreated itself as Vortex Debt Group.

Wayne Walton is described by an anonymous source as “a 25 year old kid from a middle income family from Tampa. He was in debt collections for Asset Acceptance and was a rising star there when, and I do not know all of the details, Tim and Jeannie McCallan plucked him up and groomed him as some sort of figurehead for the Florida operations. He runs both the Vortex Debt Group end, the MediaMogul operations and also ran The Achievable as well. Intermark Media is somehow enmeshed in all of this but his operating company is MediaMogul.”

Other Enterprises Wayne J. Walton has owned in Florida:


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4 thoughts on “Is Wayne Walton the New Leader for Tim McCallan?”

  1. Wayne is the main reason the sales area failed for Synthis-inc and why they are going out of business now. Please everyone hurry up and get your monies from Vortex and Capital Debt Relief and Synergy before you lose it.

  2. Lets not leave Alex Vincombe out of all this… Pure Nutrients and AmeriCorp, which is which, who knows, but i worked there. People got caught up in a scam ordering health products and such then we at the Pure Nutrients side of AmeriCorp dealt with attempting to do anything but issue a refund. I thought if Wayne is gonna be brought up why the hell not Alex? Alex at least knows what he’s getting into, Wayne on the other hand… Well, i think its starting to set in now…

  3. Lets set the record straight with Tim McCallan and the rest of his cronies. He has manipulated several non-profit credit counseling boards that he hand picked himself. From American Debt Management Services, Elimidebt, Intellidebt,Debtwave, 5 Star, just to name a few.

    Charging these non-profits double the industry rate for processing thier accounts (Americorp)and demanding they purchase leads from him (Intermark Media)then funnel the money back to himself through the non-profit.

    So on the 990 Form the non-profit makes 6 million in revenue Intermark gets 4 million and Americorp gets 1.5 million. He owns both companies. Good racket huh?

    Now my man is doing the same with Debt Settlement companies charging excessive fees for a program that doesnt work, destroys credit and leaves clients with lawsuits, garnishments and large earned income tax bills.

    He has made millions in the credit counseling industry and when that got too hot in 2004 when IRS started to investigate his companies. He shut them down and went right to debt settlement.

    He has the capital to start all these companies and run the expensive TV’s ads.

    Guys like Tom Roland and Issac Bobbe dont take a drink of water without Tim’s ok!

    He has been investigated and has testified to save his ass when Andris Pukke got pinched.

    So someone please alert the FTC,IRS(again)and local AG office to this ongoing scam of greed and corruption.


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