Credit Repair Head Has An Interesting Court Transcript

Recent court documents present a very interesting transcript in the case brought by the Department of Justice against Turbo Solutions, Alex Miller Financial Services, Alex Miller Credit Repair, Alexander V. Miller

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Transcript from March 22, 2022 Found in Another Filing

DEFENDANT MILLER: Yes. My name’s Alex Miller.

THE COURT: All right. And are you here representing yourself?

DEFENDANT MILLER: No, sir. I couldn’t afford an attorney, but I’m looking for an attorney right now. I’ve been talking to one, and he said that he’ll take on my — help me.

THE COURT: Okay. All right. Let me — let me just see if I can short-circuit this. Mr. Miller, the government is claiming the way you operate your business violates the law —

DEFENDANT MILLER: I don’t want to fight, Your Honor.

THE COURT: Pardon me?

DEFENDANT MILLER: I don’t want to fight the government, Your Honor.

THE COURT: And that’s where I was going, and I don’t

THE COURT: Okay. Did you — go ahead, Mr. Miller.

DEFENDANT MILLER: Inaccurate. So, Your Honor, I have a huge social media following, and my Instagram has what you call BlueCheck verify. It means that, like, my page is the original social media page, and I have numerous people using my images to steal people’s money.

Do I do credit repair? Yes, sir. Have I helped people? Yes, sir. Have I dropped the ball on a few customers? Yes, sir. Do I go back and fix it? Yes, I do.

But my issue is scam artists — my last — most recent post on my Instagram is seven Instagram scammers using my images to steal from people. Turbo Solutions, I quit credit repair, man.

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THE COURT: You what?

DEFENDANT MILLER: Turbo Solutions, the name of the company, I want to quit credit repair. I just want to get out all of it altogether. I know that once somebody — the government is after you, it’s best to just stop.

Whether I’m right or wrong, whether people are using my images to scam people — I just made a post on Facebook and Instagram last night. People find images; scam artists using my pictures. I don’t care.

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I just want to quit credit repair, period, altogether.

I can change my Instagram name. I’m no longer marketing my master class. I don’t want to teach people credit repair. I don’t want to do none of it. I got a halfway house and a drug treatment facility that I’m working on because that’s part of my past that I want to move in to that and just start doing other stuff for my life.

THE COURT: Well, are you willing to enter into an agreement here on the record with the government that — that you will, both individually and as Turbo Solutions, stop operating in the credit repair industry?

DEFENDANT MILLER: Yes, sir. – Source

United States Objects to Desire to Terminate the Case

The defendants are attempting to have the case dismissed and the government is objecting to those efforts. For a more recent summary of the ongoing issues, click here and here.

Drag On

I’ll keep my eye on this case and I predict the case will drag on even though Mr. Miller appears to have said he was done with credit repair early on.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone could wrap this up as neatly as Miller suggested? But unfortunately, it just feels this is going to drag on and on.

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