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I Did a Very Bad Thing. I Just Told My Husband. – Bonni

By on January 28, 2010
I Did a Very Bad Thing. I Just Told My Husband. – Bonni

“Dear Steve,

I made did a very bad thing,I was going to say I made a huge mistake.but it was wrong and I knew it was wrong. I took out credit cards in my husband name used them to help family members pay bills and other stupid frivulous things. thinking i would be able to pay them off. now I am not working, had to come clean to my husband and 40,000 in debt. It looks like i can’t pay off but we can’t do bankrupsy because he owns a rental house and we can’t sell it he is on s.s and disabled so we dont have a lot of money.

What is a good debt consolation or debt couselors/ relief company and how can I build our credit back up not to do this again.

thank you


Dear Bonni,

Yes, that’s the problem with identity theft, it does lead to bad things. Your husband has three choices, he can file criminal charges against you or he can accept responsibility for the debt or go bankrupt.

Frankly, in your situation and with the low probability you can repay the debt with your current income it looks like a Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be the most logical solution. Click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney.

Can you really afford $900 a month to go into a credit counseling program or am I wrong in assuming that is not affordable?

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