Why is Debtpay Gateway Still Taking Payments for Arete Financial Freedom?


Dear Steve,

I had already contracted with them before the FTC probe and subsequent shutdown. I was told their Financial Division would stay open. I thought I was/am an Arete Customer. Instead, they have been taking my payment out.

I was supposed to get a call for account updates, but they have not called. Their website is gone, their phone number is now not working, and emails are not returned. If they are out of business, how can they still be taking my payment out?

Not sure what I can do here; Debtpay Gateway is still taking my monthly payment and sending it to Arete. I don’t know what to do here, can you help me? I found your article about Arete through Google?



Dear Glenn,

I believe you are talking about Aerte Financial Freedom. Here is the latest from the FTC.

It’s unclear from your question what services you had hired them to assist you with. However, regardless of their lack of reaching out to you, you must be proactive in finding answers.

The logical solution at this point would be for you to contact Debtpay Gateway and ask them why they are continuing to take payments out and what company they show you are a client of.

After that, please come back, post an update in the comment section, and let me know what they say.


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3 thoughts on “Why is Debtpay Gateway Still Taking Payments for Arete Financial Freedom?”

  1. Hi Glenn, We are sorry to hear that you are unable to reach your Debt Relief Service Provider. Debt Pay Gateway’s customer service team is available to assist you with questions about your account and your transaction history. We can try to contact your provider for you as well and ask them to reach out to you. You can contact us at P: 877-800-5577, F: 800-694-3530, or by email at clients@debtpaygateway.com.


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