What Can You Tell Me About Drone Corps? Is it a Scam?


Dear Steve,

I heard about the training program for Drone Corps, which sounds good. I then read your article – that it may just be a scam. Your reasoning sounds plausible. I got suspicious when the website said it needs 20 k tuition!

Do you have any more updated info? After your article on 8/26/21. Many thanks!



Dear CS,

The Drone Corps honcho sent in a reply to my original article that also appeared on this site. It will help if you read what he had to say.

Being a public safety drone pilot for the past eight years, I can’t see the value in the program. But that’s my opinion, and as the last post title said, I Don’t Get It.

Since I posted that article, I’ve heard from others who were unhappy. I even received inside information and recordings of meetings and presentations. However, I didn’t think the additional information added anything more than day-to-day concerns about the program, so I elected not to publish all the information.

I believe that people should do their research and come to their conclusions. The information I presented and my previous opinion is part of that research. So do your research and come back and post an update in the comments with what you decide to do.

To help in your research, here are some research tips.

FYI, there is almost no charge to become a certificated FAA commercial Part 107 UAS pilot. You can download the self-study materials from the FAA site and go to an FAA-approved Knowledge Testing Center for your initial written test.

If you want specialized training in a specific topic after that, many options are available online, at local community colleges, or regional seminars.

You do you.


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