What is the Name of the Government Program That Eliminates All Credit Card Debt for Free? – Johnathn

“Dear Steve,

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35,000 in debt to credit cards, and barely able to pay the minimum payment each month after paying all other bills. Credit cards are often used to supplement income, and there is no end in sight to pay these cards off.

Is there a legitimate Government program or a program that does not ask for up front fees to help someone get out of credit card debt?


Dear Johnathn,

The only government supported program that legally eliminates all credit card debt is called bankruptcy. There is no other legal or government approved solution that allows you to either totally eliminate your debt or pay it off for less than you owe and still have protection from creditors.

There seems to be some urban myth out there that there is a specific government program that allows people to get rid of their debt like some economic stimulus program. There’s not. And there certainly is not a government program that let’s you eliminate your debt for free.

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