Debt Settlement Companies Targeting Facebook for Leads

The new Pay Per Close (not per lead) debt leads system by is quickly providing a return on investment for it’s current members. Debt settlement firms buy leads and marketing everyday in order to find debt saturated consumers in need of some debt relief.

There is an element of risk associated with buying debt leads and marketing to generate debt leads. The goal of a debt settlement firm is to acquire new business at a certain cost per acquisition (normally $300-$350 Per Deal). The pay per lead system offers guaranteed debt settlement deals at $200 per closing (sale), the unique lead system eliminates the risk of buying internet debt leads and puts debt settlement firms in control of how much money they make.

Many of the current clients of iDebtLeads are already making serious profit using the pay per sale debt lead platform. On average, each active member of the lead system is closing 2-5 new deals daily using the lead system. The best part is they are only paying for leads that close.

The lead system is not outfitted to cater to more than 50 debt settlement firms and they are quickly reaching the member capacity point. In order to provide the best quality and a fair quantity of leads there must be a limited number of firms using the pay per sale system.

The debt leads provided are generated mostly through paid advertisements on social networks like facebook.

The company also offers shared debt leads, exclusive debt leads and real-time debt leads. The pay per close system is not for everyone. Companies that require a vast quantity of leads per day may find that the pay per close system does not give them as many leads as they need. There are several of other types of debt leads on the market and iDebtLeads has several of products to assist debt settlement firms. – Source


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