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Dear Steve,

I signed with Spring Legal Group during the 16 months to pay $1100 monthly to consolidate debts. Several months before I checked my status, I know nothing had changed. I have canceled via email with SLG.

Today SLG called me they will refund around $2700 for cancellation. I paid over $17000+ during the program, and it looks like they took the money.

In case I would like to check if any lawsuit possible with them. Any previous case you know? I am so upset about this situation. Does the only way to lose my money?

Please advise me.



Dear Jerry,

This is America. It is always possible to sue anyone for any reason.

For legal advice, you’d need to talk to an attorney licensed in your state to practice law. Here is one place to find an attorney specializing in debt reduction issues.

If you don’t feel like the $2,700 offer is fair, you always have the option to attempt to escalate the matter.

The cost of taking legal action might significantly erode any additional refund you may receive. It is always a cost versus benefit calculation to figure out how far to push any matter.

It is wise to consult with an attorney to understand what issues you may have with the company. You might even hire an attorney to contact Spring Legal Group on your behalf.

There are steps you can take for free. Follow my guide here for an orderly process to attempt to raise your issues and find a fair compromise.

This podcast might be very helpful in your efforts.

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3 thoughts on “I Need Advice About Spring Legal Group”

  1. Spring Legal Group is another of the facade firms being used by StratFS f/k/a Strategic Financial Solutions (SFS). Refer back to the City of Chicago suit against SFS and Briggs v. Strategic Financial Solutions, LLC et al (ilnd-1:2022-cv-03705).


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