Holy Crap You Answered My Question and Now I Don’t Want You To


Dear Steve,

HOLY CRAP! As I usually do, I am reading your commentary, and some things are jumping at me. I am thinking, “Gee, this guy has some of the same problems I have! That’s weird. As I go on, more and more of this sounds awfully familiar. Then it dawns on me…SHIT! THIS IS ME!

I had completely forgotten that I had written anything and, worse, given my approval to publish it. So all I really can say is, THERE IS A HUGE CHANGE IN SEEING SOMETHING YOU HAVE WRITTEN, NOT THINKING THAT IT COULD OR WOULD EVER GET PUBLISHED ONLINE, BUT INDEED SEEING IT AVAILABLE TO ANYONE/EVERYONE WHO READS YOUR WEBSITE! It’s worse than forgetting to pull up my fly after taking a pee and walking around unaware until someone discreetly lets me know that my fly is open.

I suppose it’s a little too late to retract my permission to have it published, as I included more details than I intended!

Do you know anyone who can give me a new identity, complete with different fingerprints and mug shots, as well as a fictionalized biography, so I can deny that I had anything to do with the submission?



Dear Bob,

I think you are talking about this question I received and answered three months ago.

You sent me a question for me to answer on the website. I spent a lot of time researching the answer for you, and the answer can help others in the same situation.

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Thank you for reaching out to me for assistance.

I don’t even know who you are, except for an email address. So how would anyone else ever know who the person is that sent me the question?

When I published the answer in June, I notified you through the comments and subscribed you to be notified of future comments.

Plus, there is the issue that you are now concerned about three months later: the details you provided to be published are too much. It’s a bit like calling into a televised helpline and then wanting to retract your call after it airs.

Unfortunately, the internet is a big place with the memory of an elephant. I don’t know all the places that might have scrapped this content or republished it.

But here is what I did for you. I went back and changed the dates you gave me in your question and changed your name. I can’t control where the original question might have appeared elsewhere.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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