Do You Have Any Experience With Robert C. Hughes III or Global Legal Resolution?

Question: Dear Steve, I read your article/review of Global Legal Resolution, Inc from many years ago and this is definitely a scam. The two con-men are Robert C. Hughes III and partners. He is not an attorney as declared in the advertisement you referenced, as a matter of fact there were 6 complaints against him … Read more

I Screwed Up My Finances and Now I Feel Like it is Hurting My Mental Health

worry and bills

Question: Dear Steve, I am a 22-year-old college graduate. I grew up in a very stable household, both personally and financially. My parents do exceedingly well, and I have never once struggled.. until now. I always saw how my parents spent money and thought I could do the same. I didn’t have a complete understanding … Read more

Is Americor and Credit9 Really a Good Debt Relief Option?

Question: Dear Steve, After spending much of 2018 and 2019 surviving on part time freelancing, I racked up ~$8k in credit card debt across 3 cards and exhausted my savings. I also have a personal loan balance at ~$6.5k. In fall this year I returned to full time employment at ~$85k a year. Just got … Read more

There Are No Solutions For Us to Get Out of Debt That We Can Afford

Question: Dear Steve, $70,000 unsecured debt $120,000 combined gross income Have checked with credit Counselor’s who offered a DMP we couldn’t afford, bankruptcy attorney, (chapter 13) payment plan we can’t afford. Tried resolving with creditors on our own, again can’t afford. So, what’s next? Do we just not pay and hope for the best? We … Read more

Should I Go With a Debt Consolidator Even Though Dave Ramsey Says Not To?

Question: Dear Steve, I’m 13,000 in credit card debt. The rates range from 18-21% apr. I need to look for work by June because my other job will soon be ending. I’m able to meet the minimum payments but the interest fees are so high that I’m afraid I’ll be stuck paying for the rest … Read more