Debt Pay Gateway and DebtPayPro Now Called Forth

The good people at the Debt Pay Companies sent me the following press release to share. I’m happy to do that but honestly, I don’t get how this is big news and seems like a lot of fluff and words.

As I said to them, “I’m happy to publish that, but honestly, it just comes off as a standard puff rebranding piece nobody cares about.

Do you have a story to share rather than marketing?”

The answer was nothing more was forthcoming.

Maybe I’m missing something here but what I got out of this is we are great and just changed our name. Please feel free to post a comment if that observation seems off-base.

I wonder how many people will read that new name as Fourth?

So, here is the press release.

Press Release

The Debt Pay Companies are now Forth

The Debt Pay Companies, leading providers of CRM and payment services to the debt relief industry, today launched a major rebranding initiative that reflects the integration of service offerings to seamlessly support debt settlement companies and their customers. Under the new Forth, Inc. brand, the companies will be led by the same trusted teams at Debt Pay Gateway and DebtPayPro. Existing partners and consumers can expect a seamless transition, while Forth continues to demonstrate its commitment to “Paving the way for financial wellness.”

Founded in 2009, Forth has served debt relief service providers with robust solutions that include CRM, marketing automation, payment processing and dedicated account management offerings. With a focus on security, compliance and reliability, they have fostered close relationships in the debt relief space that inspire the Forth team to find new and better ways to serve the industry.

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The decision to integrate the two companies under a single, unified brand emerged from a robust strategic planning effort that began in 2021. Juan Cahue, Chief Operating Officer, states, “We have witnessed tremendous growth across our businesses over the past 13 years, while watching strong synergies emerge. Recognizing these synergies — and choosing to invest in them — allows us to bring a wealth of resources and industry experience into focus to achieve a singular, unified mission.”

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Establishing the Forth brand has allowed the company to repackage its services and capabilities to better serve the debt relief ecosystem. Michael Duckett, Chief Information Officer, shares details. “Forth functions as our overarching brand that today includes Forth CRM — end-to-end cloud-based solutions that securely integrate data, tools and functionality to create a seamless experience for debt relief solutions teams and their consumers and Forth Pay — our transaction management and accounting platform that offers dedicated accounts and a creditor portal that is native to Forth and works seamlessly with the Forth CRM. These products can be used together or separately, depending upon the needs of our partners and their customers. Over time, the umbrella brand gives us both the structure and the flexibility to seamlessly introduce new products and services as our industry continues to evolve and needs change.”

“The debt relief world has evolved over the past 15 years as the industry has made great strides to become more tightly regulated and transparent,” explains Chris Queen, Co-founder and Co-CEO. “And as the options for settling debt have been legitimized and standardized, consumer attitudes have begun to turn more positive. This allows us the opportunity to serve a new generation of debt-holding consumers who see third-party debt relief as their best path to financial wellness.”

Kris Kehler, Co-founder and Co-CEO elaborates, “As our confident, optimistic name implies, we have eyes on the future, and we’re dedicated to leveraging our exemplary team, track record, technology and operational platform to help consumers exit debt. With every passing year, we continue to observe that when consumers are supported through debt relief with integrity and dignity, they embark on a powerful path to financial wellness that can transform their quality of life — and that of their families — for the long haul.”

The rebranding initiative began in July 2021 with the help of brand consultancy, Otherwise Incorporated. Nancy Lerner, Otherwise Co-founder and Chief Brand Strategist explains, “The new name works as a declaration and an invitation; a starting point. It captures a moment in time when the past and the present turn toward the future, fueled by enormous possibility.”

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Lerner continues, “Guided by the new name, we set out to design the visual identity, with a mark that represents a kind of passage or gateway to stability and peace of mind. The symbol is also a trompe l’oeil, since it makes a flat object appear to be three-dimensional; this adds energy and serves as a provocative focal point for attention. And finally, the right side of the mark is also an arrow, leading the way to change and progress.”

The brand was initially introduced to partners in the debt relief industry in October 2022 at the annual American Fair Credit Council conference. The full launch is supported with a fully-integrated, holistic buildout of the brand, including new website, marketing collateral and consumer communications. – Source

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