Redline Recovery Services is Making Me Mad. – Adam

“Dear Steve,

I have a debt to Bank of America, and Redline Recovery Services has been calling non stop. It is very frustrating and irritationg that they will not listen to what I say. They have tried to give me 3 different settlement options, yet non of them will put the offer in writting. I am bvery concerned that once I pay the settlement, they will come back after me for even more money.

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I have been getting harrased over and over again from Redline Recovery services. I have given them my name and number in which to contact me. However, my old phone number, which is my parents house keeps recieving calls, I get harrased at 8am in the morning at my home, I have people screaming in my ear and also hangup on me when I call. What am I suppose to do?


Dear Adam,

It seems like we are dealing with two issues here. The first is that you feel you are being harassed by Redline Recovery Services. That can be taken care of by sending them a cease and desist letter. Sending the letter will stop calls but may accelerate you being sued over the debt since you’ve now left them without the ability to try to force a payment out of you.

The real issue here is you have an old Bank of America debt that you need to pay. If you can’t get a settlement offer in writing saying it is for the full payment of the debt, you have nothing.

You might want to abandon the settlement approach and instead put this account on a credit counseling program to get Redline Recovery Services to shut up and not sue you. You can click here for credit counseling information.

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