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I Am Drowning in Debt and Face Eviction. – Andrew

By on February 17, 2010
I Am Drowning in Debt and Face Eviction. – Andrew

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“Dear Steve,

I am drowning in debt and face eviction in a month, I have 30k in a pension plan but cant access, I am 49, I have to wait to 55years old, I willl be living under a bridge by then or dead, is there any way to access pension, (pension is from a big 4 cpa firm


Dear Andrew,

Access to your funds will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the pension plan. You will need to speak to the pension plan administrator to determine if any hardship withdrawal is possible.

But really that does not seem to sole the real problem and only addresses a temporary situation. The real problem is you appear, for whatever reason, to not make income to pay to live as you are.

What is your income situation and how have you been able to get by up till now? Have you been using credit to make ends meet?

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