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Help! I Lost Out on an Apartment Because of a Credit Report Mistake


A reader, Emily, wrote to us after being turned down for an apartment because of a previous eviction for her husband — only he’d never been evicted. Instead, she thinks his records may have been confused with his father’s. Here’s her story: My husband and I tried getting an apartment last month and they denied us because my husband supposedly ... Read More »

    Filed Bankruptcy to Avoid Eviction. Can I Get it Off My Credit Report? – Shawnale


    “Dear Steve, I followed expensive advice from attorney that I could stay and fight a no-reason eviction from an apartment I paid rent on time 2 years. I had grown attached and did a lot of maintenance there and was lead to believe I could stall moving out for months. I filed three months straight, allowing dismissal because I don’t ... Read More »

      I Have a Workers Compensation Claim and Can’t Work. Facing Eviction. – Sandra

      Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 12.46.41 PM

      “Dear Steve, Ten months ago I developed a repititive use injury which is now an established workers compensation case. However the job to injury aspect has “not been proven” yet, and may take beyond a year to settle. I have not had a normal paycheck in 10 months and my job search continues to be difficult. All avenues for obtaining ... Read More »

        Baseball Star Jose Conseco Pitched Out of His Rented Home

        Ready to Collapse

        Money troubles are not limited to us unrich and unfamous. Former Major League Baseball star Jose Conseco has apparently been “relocated” out of his rental home for allegedly missing a couple of months of rent. You can watch the TMZ video of Conseco not answering questions about it, here. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More ... Read More »

          Overextended Borrowers Stop Paying Mortgages and Capitalize on Time to Eviction

          Ready to Collapse

          In this day and age the amount of people unable to pay their mortgages is on the rise. Be it medical bills, loss of income or a change in circumstances, many people are running into shortages in their lives leaving them coming up short for that monthly mortgage payment. While these times in life are stressful and demanding some families ... Read More »

            I Am Drowning in Debt and Face Eviction. – Andrew


            Photo Credit: tombothetominator “Dear Steve, I am drowning in debt and face eviction in a month, I have 30k in a pension plan but cant access, I am 49, I have to wait to 55years old, I willl be living under a bridge by then or dead, is there any way to access pension, (pension is from a big 4 ... Read More »

              Will We Be Evicted or Have to Still Pay Our Rent if We Go Bankrupt? – Lizzy

              Ready to Collapse

              Lizzy “Dear Steve, My husband and I are considering filing for bankruptcy. WE have a lot of debt. We dont know how we are even going to pay next months rent. We have two little children as well. Car payments coming up… etc. How does bankruptcy work? Will we be evicted out of our current apartment? If not, will we ... Read More »

                I’ve Got a Debt Situation. Can You Please Listen? – Noname

                Ready to Collapse

                Noname “Dear Steve, My situation now seems totally hopeless and I am facing homelessness I am not sure if I am asking a question (or questions) of you or just need you to read and listen, probably a little of both. I am a single/divorced women in her mid-fifties. I was divorced and raised my only child by myself, which ... Read More »

                  Damn You June Reyno. Let Your Home Go And Move On.

                  Ready to Collapse

                  Not that long ago I wrote about a woman that chained herself to her front porch to prevent her home from being foreclosed on. I’m afraid the story has turned into the pleading mother begging for the return of her child, only to have murdered it herself. June isn’t an innocent victim here of banks gone wild, although I would ... Read More »

                    Woman Chains Self to Home to Prevent Foreclosure

                    Ready to Collapse

                    I’m not quite sure how effective this particular approach is but one foreclosure specialist, facing financial problems of her own, has chained herself to the front porch while awaiting eviction. The woman chained to the porch is June Reyno. June Reyno, her husband and their five dogs have lived in their Mira Mesa home for nearly 20 years. Now, they ... Read More »

                      Sunday, 9:30 PM, Christian Kills Wife Because of Debts

                      Christian Mogensen & Sharon Glassman - Wedding Day

                      On Sunday September 28, 2008, twenty floors up in a Boston apartment, Christian Mogensen, logged on to his website, updated his web page, and then put a bullet into the head of his wife of many years. Not long latter Christian turned the gun on himself. The webpage update that Christian made was a death announcement of a demise about ... Read More »

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