An Ex-Girlfriend and I Ran Up Some Bills. – Jon

“Dear Steve,

An ex-girlfriend and I ran up some bills that were being paid but with the economy being as it is now,none of them are now being paid.

We broke up two an a half years ago and somehow those bills followed me!,I am 100% disabled and living month to month on SSI. She has a job at the local Wal-Mart but she herself is in very poor financial shape. I have been recieving call’s just about everyday for the past two years,most of the time starting at 8am and not giving up till 9-10pm…and these call’s vary between every 30,45,1 hr between them,sometimes…,and sometimes there will be a day or two between?

I got a seperate line I use strictly for family and friends and a landline that is my “pest” line.

Getting to my question,I am working with a case worker to find some kind of employment,which number do I give them?

family/friend line – cell phone,pre-paid
landline –

I have stopped answering this phone and have turned the ringer off and recieve almost nothing but debt collectors here If I give them the family/friend number (I do answer) won’t they have to put it in a record of some sort debt collectors will soon find?

If I give them the “pest” line,it defeats the purpose in a way because now my place of employment will have that number and now I may have to turn the ringer back on and start going crazy again. (as of 6-7-8 months ago I have totally stopped all communication with the collection agencies and any debt collectors…it is futile to tell them to not call and I am disabled with no money.

my mother simply says ” tell them to not call and remove you number from their list” she seems to think they will simply give up,but if that were to possibly work wouldnt they just start blasting me with paper mail again? I am so confused,if I had the money I would personally call these people up tommorow and pay all of them,but I don’t so they won’t ever get paid.

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What number should I give a potential employer?


Dear Jon,

The ultimate answer is you should give a potential employer a telephone number you will answer and can be reached on.

Employers do not share telephone numbers with credit bureaus.

Regarding the debt, the way you are going to avoid continued collection calls and/or lawsuits over this debt would be to close the door on it with bankruptcy.

You may want to read How to Hide From Debt Collection, the Debt Collector, and Creditors.


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  1. In the end I knew what the answer would be,I won’t be gaining employment anytime soon. I am however looking into Bankruptcy…I have heard actually claiming a bankruptcy is hard since banks are now being stingey with their money,and actually the bankruptcy filing fee is expensive.


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