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Debt Rx USA, FH Financail Services, Morgan Drexen, Pathway Financial Management, and State Capital Financial – All Sued By Minn. AG for Debt Settlement Services

Minnesotta today sued six debt settlement companies for overcharging consumers and operating illegally in Minnesota.

The companies are:

Debt Rx USA, FH Financail Services, Morgan Drexen, Pathway Financial Management, and State Capital Financial.

The state attorney general sued six out-of-state debt settlement companies Thursday for alleged violations of Minnesota law that left consumers already struggling with their debt in worse shape than when they started.

“People who are swimming in debt are often desperate for a life preserver, but they should know that debt settlement companies usually just anchor them down with even more financial problems,” said Attorney General Lori Swanson in a news release.

Swanson’s office says debt settlers typically recommend that consumers stop paying their bills and instead put the money in a bank account, which the debt settlement company will use to negotiate a settlement of the consumer’s debt.

However, she cautions that consumers who stop paying their bills could end up with debt collection calls, ruined credit, collection lawsuits and wage garnishments.

A Minnesota law that took effect Aug. 1 caps the fees that settlement companies can charge for the service. For example, it generally caps the origination fee paid by the consumer at between $200 and $500. Monthly fees are capped at between $50 and $75.

Swanson alleges the six companies weren’t licensed to do business in Minnesota and overcharged consumers by hundreds or thousands of dollars. The lawsuits seek injunctive relief, civil penalties and restitution. – Source

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  • I am a customer of Morgan Drexen,I have paid them thousands of dollars to settle accounts. I feel they have overcharged me.I still have 2 accounts left to pay. dont know what to do. Suzanne Wallace

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