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2820 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 214
San Diego, CA 92108


ImpactDebtRelief.com. Domain was registered on June 6, 2009 and ownership is hidden.


Debt relief company.


There is no registered company in California under the name Impact Debt Relief. Using their address the company is located that the same address that was once used by Lifeline Debt Settlement. – Source. The BBB reports this company is actually Skyline Debt Solutions, LLC. Skyline Debt Solutions registered as a company on June 30, 2009. The registered address for Skyline Debt Solutions is the same used by Impact Debt Relief.

The company is or has operated under the following names:
Skyline Debt Solutions LLC
Impact Debt Relief
Impact Debt Settlement Processing
Skyline Debt Relief

It is possible that Impact Debt Relief is actually owned by Shawn Syndergaard since he owns the domain name for Skyline Debt Solutions, the company actually incorporated and located at the same business address as Impact Debt Relief.

I have been in the credit and debt industry for the past 7 years. I owned and operated two nationwide credit repair firms before setteling down into the debt settlement industry. – Shawn Syndergaard – Source

Shawn Syndergaard was the VP of Sales and Marketing for My Credit Group and the Western Regional Manage for Veracity. – Source. My Credit Group and Veracity are both credit repair companies.


Skyline Debt Solutions – domain is owned by Shawn Syndergaard. Skyline is a lead generation company for debt relief leads. – Source

Lucid Assessment, LLC – Source

Interesting Points

Impact Debt Relief appears to be little more that a shell debt relief lead generation company offering debt settlement and debt management services. –

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They appear to be very secretive about who actually owns them and that secrecy worries me. They also say they are members of a new debt settlement association the National Association of Debt Relief Companies, NADRC. That’s a trade association I’ve never heard of.

The site is completely ineffective in providing visitors with any basic information about the risks of debt settlement programs. It makes no mention of continued collection activity, potential lawsuits, the risk of wage garnishments, bad credit, etc. It is so light on information that I do suspect it is little more than a site designed for lead generation.

The company is yet another that claims “Impact Debt Relief is one of the nation’s premier Debt Settlement Companies.” but from what I’ve seen I can find not evidence to support that claim.

I did find it interesting that even in the rebuttal to an online complaint the management of Impact Debt Relief did not want to identify what they are. Secrecy equals danger. – Source

BBB Reviews & Ratings

Skyline Debt Solutions BBB Rating

BBB review on the day I did this review.


Here is a very interesting complaint I found online from what appears to be a former sales person.

Impact Debt Relief is the biggest scam I’ve ever encountered. Before you consider hiring impactdebtrelief, I would read this.

The short time i tried to pitch this product was probably my lowest point ever as a salesman. I was proposing a plan that in many cases would only settle their debt at 80% of the current balance, and Impact was collecting their fees in the first 6-12 months, leaving the client to deal with creditors calling relentlessly.

I believe its the same scam company that started lifelinedebtrelief who all stemmed from the biggest scam dyerbeech.

This is a huge scam in my opinion to do nothing but collect money. 15% fees is disgusting and is hurting the customers. They treat their affiliates the same way.

I truly believe this is the shadiest company I’ve ever dealt with.

Trust me, if you hire impactdebtrelief i have no doubt you’re going to end up getting sued, or end up with more debt……I WOULDNT DO IT. – Source

Picture of Web Site

Impact Debt Relief Web Site

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