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TASC, The Association of Settlement Companies, Say What?

In a press release sent out today the Executive Director of TASC, The Association of Settlement Companies, is quoted as saying the following about attending an upcoming debt collections conference.

“I’m looking forward to talking about how debt settlement continues to be a reliable option for consumers in debt as well as for creditors,” Leuthold said. “Having representatives from the creditor side on this panel demonstrates this assertion.” – David Leuthold, TASC – Source

I’m shocked TASC says it’s a reliable option when only about 10% of all people enrolled in debt settlement ever fully resolve their debt problem with debt settlement. Huh? Reliable?

The press release says Leuthold will be joined by Carmine Dorio of Progressive Financial Services, Jenna Keehnen of the United States Organization for Bankruptcy Alternatives and Roger Knauf of DBA International. The March 22 session titled “Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Debt Settlement” will be moderated by TASC Executive Board Member Teresa Dodson.

What the press release leaves out is the conference description of the session he is so happy to attend and be a part of. Here it is:

Panelist: Carmine Dorio, Senior Vice President, PROGRESSIVE FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC.Panelist: Dave Leuthold, Executive Director, THE ASSOCIATION OF SETTLEMENT COMPANIES (TASC)Panelist: Jenna Keehnen, Executive Director, UNITED STATES ORGANIZATION FOR BANKRUPTCY ALTERNATIVES (USOBA)Panelist: Roger Knauf, Executive Director, DBA INTERNATIONAL

This panel discussion will outline the current trends in the debt settlement industry and provide an update on legislative and regulatory proposals which may impact the industry going forward. Panelists representing the two debt settlement trade associations, USOBA and TASC, the debt buying industry and credit issuers will provide insight into how to effectively identify consumers enrolled in debt settlement programs, and how to leverage this highly motivated and profitable segment of debtors to increase collections and recoveries utilizing proven strategies and emerging technologies. – Source

That’s right, the discussion will really be about how to leverage people in debt settlement programs to increase collections from them.

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