I Am Trying to Decide Between Debtmerica and Debt Harmony for Debt Settlement Services. – Stephanie

“Dear Steve,

My name is Stephanie. I have about 7200 dollars in cc debt. I spoke with 2 people from 2 different comanies. They want 200 for 25 mos and the other wants 207 for 20 mos. I don’t know what other factors to consider since they are roughly the same amount. I know debt settlement is the route I would like to take. One company is Debtmerica and the other is Debt Harmony. Is there another company you would recommend? I am torn with whom to go to! Thank you so much!


Dear Stephanie,

I just did a review of the Debt Harmony site for you, click here. Unfortunately I don’t have time right now to do a review of the Debtmerica site right now.

If you are strongly considering a debt settlement program I really think you need to speak with two individuals first. For an independent review of the debt settlement programs and fees they will charge you should talk to Damon Day. To understand all of your options so you can make an informed decision you should click here to talk to a local bankruptcy attorney.


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3 thoughts on “I Am Trying to Decide Between Debtmerica and Debt Harmony for Debt Settlement Services. – Stephanie”

  1. Your article about J Hass and the other companies the person in Washington State is going after was interesting. I used to get emails from the infamous con artist Yaron Kimelman with “debtamerica LLC” at the bottom. I just thought that I would pass this on to you. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the other companies scamming are those belonging to him or his 3 brothers Eitan, Abraham and Noam Kimelman. I have uncovered other scams by Eitan and Abraham Kimelman as well as Yaron Kimelman. This interests me because I am in litigation with Yaron and Abraham for injuries caused on their property in Worcester, MA. Only they no longer own that property. They took a loan in 2011 on the Worcester property to buy a property in Lincolnwood, Illinois where Yaron now lives. Then they defaulted on the loan and mortgage in Worcester, MA.

    • Eitan Kimelman’s attorney has contacted the site and has indicated a willingness to sue this commenter. We have advised the attorney that if that is what they choose to do we have no control over that and if we receive a subpoena, we will post the subpoena to allow Mary a chance to deal with the subpoena.

      It is the site policy to not remove comments, as laid out in the site terms. However, if the same commenter wants to offer a correction or retraction to their comments we would be willing for her to publish that.


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