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Irony: Man Scams Prison Inmate And Gets Jail Time

A Stockton, Calif., man who scammed a federal prison inmate in Marion, Ill., was sentenced to 61 months in federal prison on Monday. Michael R. Ussery, 34, pretended to be an informer for the Drug Enforcement Administration and promised another inmate that he could earn a shorter prison sentence by funding undercover drug investigations, prosecutors said. The Marion prison inmate, who was not identified, paid Ussery $36,500 in installments, and Ussery transferred another $145,000 from the inmate’s investment account to his own. Ussery pleaded guilty in November of conspiracy, three counts of wire fraud and three counts of mail fraud.



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  • My husbands brother has been in prison for almost ten years and had been sentenced for fitheen years maxium for robbing two stores. It has really been hard on his mother and dad and they would do anything for both of there sons. Today they got aphone call from a man that act like he was getting him out of prison real soon. They were so excited and it sounded so real to them, because they had even called the prison and talked too somebody that worked there to get the information on the son. My father n law sent $1,000.00 in a money gram and that was it. They called a few more times and was almost fooled into sending more money so he could come hom within ten days as told, but went to the prison where the son is and found out it was a sham! How do these people get away with something like this. The money is not the issue. It is the thought of getting these poor people so excited and find out that it is not for real.

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