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I’m a Two Time Stem Cell Transplant Survivor With Debt. – Lauren

“Hi Steve,

Two time stem cell transplant survivor. I am going to be 50 in September. The first transplant was done in 2003. In 18 months, My cancerdominated my life for the past 11 yrs. I HAD :non-hodgkins lymphoma. I am proud to say that this past april, with the help of a donor out of the country, I had my 2nd stem cell transplant. I had tried every chemo cocktail you could ever imagine. I am not quite a yr out from the transplant. I am looking and aspiring to do things for my future. I am being honest as saying Jesus is standing right beside me…because He is. So, Steve, I have credit card debt. It is not an astronomical amt. I also share custody of my daughter with my ex after 13yrs. We share custody 50/50. My cancer destroyed my marriage and I walked away with less than modest means. 13 yrs is a long time.

Thank you and your wife for sharing your story. It was powerful and saddening at the same time. I need to bailout any credit cards I have. I live on social security and will be on it well after my transplant has become 1 yr-4/25. I would relish your thoughts on my plight. I would love to wipe my slate clean. I am grateful to God that I alive. I have lost a few friends haven gone through transplants. Thank you Steve for your time and attn to my matter. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Respectfully submitted,


Dear Lauren,

Well it’s good news things are looking up. You’ve certainly washed a whole host of chemicals through your body in the process.

I am assuming since you are living on social security that you don’t have any other big assets or loads of cash in the bank.

You know, as crazy as this sounds I think the best thing you could do right now is nothing. I’m not convinced that your medical debts are over yet and it would be a shame for you to go bankrupt now to close the door on all the past debt if there is more to come.

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If you can’t pay your debts then you can’t pay. Before you send any money off to credit card companies make sure you are able to save some money first in a regular old boring savings account. I need for you to build up an emergency fund.

But you will need to stop using the credit cards so you are not building a balance that is not possible for you to pay.

Your financial situation is a bit like the cancer, it just is what it is. So when collectors call looking for payment, just smile, be honest and wish them a good day. If a creditor sues you, which they might, and they will probably win, there is no income for them to garnish or go after as long as you are living on benefits.

Once you feel things are stable with your health and you are able to return to work then consider bankruptcy at that time for the residual debts.

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You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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