Should I Go With Simple Path Financial for My Medical Debt?

Bob wrote to me through the website He said, “Steve, I’m disabled and recently survived cancer and declared Bankruptcy on $3.8 million of Medical Debt that I had from 2016. I’ve rebuilt my credit from that, but then I went into kidney failure, leading to dialysis and a transplant. I’m on SSDI I and … Read more

I’m Disabled and Need to Return My Unaffordable Furniture to Conn’s Home Plus?

Question: Dear Steve, Medical expenses medical bills. I’m in disability my income is my social security benefits. I bought furniture at Conns I can’t make the payment can I return the furniture and ask for some repayment plan? Thank you. Rosa Answer: Dear Rosa, Returns are different based on the merchant. It looks like you … Read more

I Was Injured Lounging at the Hotel Pool and Can’t Afford the Medical Bills

Question: Dear Steve, Scores in mid to upper 600’s needs improvement. Cannot afford negative marks on credit report. Injured lounging hotel poolside. resulted in one ER visit resulted in 3 bills. hotel dragging feet, deny liability and now claims payment delayed because I don’t have most recent bills. anyway. the largest of the three was … Read more

Medical Debt, Credit Card Debt and No Retirement Saved – Lisa

Question: Dear Steve, Stayed home with kids for 9 years, and just went back to work. We have had medical issues and just not made enough money. We have racked up some credit card bills $50,000 and $40k in student loans and our house is 250K, and we have two cars. We have tried paying … Read more

My Hospital Bill Was Supposed to be Covered by the Hospital Care Assistance Program But I’m in Colelctions

Question: Dear Steve, In 2011 ( I was 21) I went to the hospital with a kidney stone. My mother took me and was told i would be eligible for HCAP. ( I was working with no insurance). Because I was completely out of it, I had no knowledge on how this was being paid … Read more

Can a Hospital Go After My Daughter Even if She is Making Some Payment?

Question: Dear Steve, My daughter recently had a stint at hospital leaving her with a $2000.00 co-pay. She is a single mom with a poverty level income. She has been paying $50 a month on this debt. The hospital called her today saying $50 a month wasn’t enough. She said it was all she could … Read more

How Can a Collection Company Change a Medical Debt From My Wife to Joint?

“Dear Michael, I called a collection agency last week to pay off an account I had with them. This week they took 9 of my Wife’s medical bills changed the status from “Personal” to “Joint” and reported this debt as mine. Is this legal 5 years later? Or is it even legal at all? Justin” … Read more

I Was Unfairly Terminated and My Firing Caused a Bunch of Debt

“Dear Steve, I was left terminated after corporate falsely identified me not eligible for a temporary leave when I have documented hospital visits to remain out of work for the needed amount of time to qualify for the temporary leave. Corporate denied my request, even though I met qualifications. And was later corrected but due … Read more