I Am Considering Paying ContractLawDebtRelief.com $5,000 for Debt Help. – Rick

“Dear Steve,

i am considering paying a company $5,000 for their “contract law dispute process” services. i need to know if it is legitimate. i came across your website online. i would like your professional opinion.


this is the company and their representative

Todd Byrnes
Consumer Alliance Group
Debt Specialist Authorized Independent Rep


Dear Rick,

I took a look at the ContractLawDebtRelief.com site you gave me and I have some substantial concerns. First off, the site does not identify who the company actually is. The process talked about appears to be the novation approach that in my opinion has been very discredited.

Even an online employment advertisement I found for the company does not say who they are. – Source

Hiring Seasoned Telephone Sales People

Help people get out of debt in this troublesome economy while earning a great living yourself.

LISTEN TO THIS 1-800-924-9825

Think you can sell it?


1. Extensive experience and a successful track record in telephone sales
2. Strong work ethic and ability to be disciplined working from home
3. Excellent people skills and ability to work independently as well as with a team
4. Ability to compare and contrast our process with others

Email resume to contractlawdebtrelief@gmail.com
Phone calls can be directed to 877-463-2880 – Source

I did find another similar ad with the heading of “PHONE SALES PROS $500 per sale” and that is another big red flag for me. – Source

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And in case you have not discovered it the same people also are running a site at DebtBailouts.com as well. – Source

Rick, $5,000 is a lot of money to pay for any service, especially one that is being offered by a company that provides so little information about themselves and is hiring telephone sales people and paying them $500 a sale.

In my opinion, if you are seeking full and legal relief for your debts you should contact a local bankruptcy attorney and for as little as $1,500 you could legally discharge your debt, stop all collection calls, block any potential lawsuits and get a real fresh start.

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By the way, the name Todd Byrnes rang a bell and I did a search and found that it was claimed he was or still is associated with a different debt relief program run by Court Mediation Services (CMS) and Brad Delay that also charged a $5,000 fee. I wonder if the program he is talking to you about is the same program? I don’t know.

If it is, you might want to read “I Signed Up With Court Mediation Services and Now I’m Being Sued by Citibank. – Susan.”

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