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This review is the result of a question from a reader asking about Reliance, inc.


Frontier Trading Corp Inc (Parent Holding Company)
Reliance Inc
Reliance Mortgage Inc
Reliance Credit
Reliance Trust Title LLC
3940 10th Ave North
Lake Worth, FL 33461 – Source


re-lianceinc.com is registered to Frontier Trading, Inc and was created on April 16, 2008. It is registered to Rodriguez, Enrique richard@infoonloans.com.


Reliance Inc. is an established Christian based full service Financial debt solutions service’s company. We operate as a state regulated licensed mortgage company and a state regulated licensed bonded title agency. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and we have been in business since 2001. We are also a member of the USOBA We are based out of sunny West Palm Beach Florida. – Source


Enrique Richard Rodriguez, CEO & Founder

Has been in the Sales & Marketing industry for over 20 years and has a solid background in investment banking 15 years on Wall street, Credit counseling, Debt Settlement, Credit Restoration and Mortgages. He has license as Mortgage Brokerage Business & series 7 & 63 as well as a license Bonded title Agent. He has collectively worked for several fortune 500 companies and has demonstrated multi-million dollar production for several organizations. He obtained a BA from Fordham University and is a former USMC.

Michel Telson, Customer Service & Loyalty Manager

Is a multi-million dollar mortgage producing executive, and credit restoration expert. – Source

Deirdre Rodriguez, VP – Source

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Company Background

Incorporated by Deirdre Rodriguez, Enrique Rodriguez, Frontier Trading Corp. Inc. is located at 3940 10th Ave N Lake Worth, FL 33461. Frontier Trading Corp. Inc. was incorporated on Thursday, November 01, 2001 in the State of FL. Enrique Rodriguez represents Frontier Trading Corp. Inc. as their registered agent.

Frontier Trading Corp, Inc. has had a series of period of unregistered activity and having to become reinstated three times between incorporation and the time of this review.

At the time of this review I could find no active and registered Florida corporation under the business name of Reliance, Inc. for this address. The only one found that was active was Source.


888.241.4044 Toll Free
561.967.5066 Direct
954.414.4334 eFax
561.967.3684 Fax – Source


The company claims relationships with:
Frontier Trading Corp Inc (Parent Holding Company)
Reliance Inc
Reliance Mortgage Inc
Reliance Credit
Reliance Trust Title LLC – Source
InfoOnLoans.com – from domain registration and same telephone number as Reliance, Inc. – Source
InfoOnCredit.com – same telephone number as Reliance, Inc. – Source

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Interesting Points

Frontier Trading Company appears to have an active and unsatisfied judgment against it. – Source

In my opinion I do have some concerns about this company. Here are a few red flags you may want to investigate further.

  1. The company advertises itself as a “Christian based full service Financial debt solutions service’s company” and I tend to find companies that advertise their religious position tend to use that as a sales tool to provide comfort to potential clients rather than a philosophical approach. – Source
  2. Four of the services the company provides have not had the best track record of being free from frauds and scams. They are foreclosure prevention, loan modification, credit restoration, and debt settlement. Multiple state Attorney Generals’ and/or the FTC have published warnings about these services. – Source, Source, Source, Source

    In my opinion the information presented in their debt settlement page is lacking even the basic warnings and information for a visitor to the page to be able to make an informed decision. What is missing are warnings about lawsuits while in a debt settlement program, the damage to credit, the tax implications and the fact collectors will still call. The page makes no mention about what fees are or the success rate of the company settling all of the debts of a client. – Source

    Reliance inc Service Chart

    The site publishes the service chart above. – Source. The chart does contain what I believe in my opinion to be some inaccuracies. For example, debts in a Chapter 13 can be eliminated for less than 50% and may be completed in three years or less. An unsecured debt consolidation loan from LendingClub.com will be repaid within three years. I am aware of services for all resources listed that allow for online account management. I have no clue what “Nationally recognized customer service and patent-pending technology” means in relationship to the other services. I did a search at the U.S. Patent office but could find no patent or patents in process under Frontier Trading Corp. – Source

    The company is advertising for sales closers to work for commissions and bonuses to sell debt settlement and mortgages.

    Credit Repair & Service Agreement from Reliance Credit, Inc. – Source

    Broker Business Agreement Contract Reliance Credit, Inc. – Source

    BBB Reviews & Ratings

    BBB Reliance, inc

    Read the BBB review as of the date of this review.


    There was one interesting complaint I found online.

    I am a Christian who formerly worked at this company! Do not let this company fool you into thinking I am a disgruntled employee.I can easily separate what is wrong and right.

    This company operates under a rating for their mortgage company. For years the owners, Miko and Rich, have maintained a good rating due to the fact the they poorly serviced Latin and Haitian Americans who don’t report to bureaus.

    They have been in debt settlement for less than a year and knowingly opened accounts in several states that are illegal to do debt settlement. Many of their clients are now being sued by their creditors as a result. The partner who brought debt settlement to this company and held all certifications, Jimmy Williams, has left the company.

    All people who worked there with the knowledge of the these facts, have been fired. About half of the clients of this firm are in States that people cant be helped.

    As a former “independent contractor” who worked on the inside, I can tell you this “Christian Company” is anything bet ethical. They have went from an A+ rating to a A- in less than 2 months. A sharp decline can be anticipated. They are deceptively showing a mortgage rating. The have the ability to do mortgages but don’t!

    They also do loan modifications. Several clients have had issues with their processing!

    There are several lawsuits actively being perused against this company that are internal for non payment to its people as well as well as other suits for separate issues.

    West Palm Beach, Florida
    U.S.A. – Source

    Picture of Web Site

    Reliance Web Site

    Reliance archive

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